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who needs professional liability insurance

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?

June 4, 2021 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Your clients who run businesses will undoubtedly experience unexpected costs from time to time. The… Read More

Insurance for Dance Studios

Insurance for Dance Studios

February 22, 2021 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Dance studios play a critical role in the development of every person who has dreams… Read More

midwife liability insurance

Midwife Liability Insurance

February 1, 2021 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Birth is an exciting, life-changing event, typically full of joy and excitement. But, as with… Read More

The Excess and Surplus Market: Why It’s an Untapped Book of Business for Insurance Agents

January 28, 2021 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Insurance agents looking to grow their businesses often overlook the excess and surplus (E&S) insurance… Read More

Insurance for Chemical Applicators

Insurance for Chemical Applicators

January 11, 2021 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Chemical applicators work in various industries and professions, including agriculture, aquatics, household and exterior cleaning,… Read More

Insurance for Private Investigators

Insurance for Private Investigators

December 14, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Private investigators need liability insurance to do their jobs effectively. Many risks are integral to… Read More

hardening insurance market

Prime Insurance Company Continues to Provide Coverage in a Hardening Insurance Market

August 31, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, insurers also continue to face a hardening market. Directors and… Read More

safety tips for fall businesses

6 Safety Tips for Fall Businesses

August 25, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Our safety tips for fall businesses ensure that your clients’ seasonal work will be memorable… Read More

hardening insurance market

Prime is the Answer to a Post-Pandemic, Hardening Market

August 10, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

In a hardening insurance market, insurance producers have to grapple with increasingly challenging risks and… Read More

Whitewater Rafting Liability Insurance

Whitewater Rafting Liability Insurance

July 21, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Whitewater rafting is exhilarating — and risky. Even rafting in easier water comes with exposure… Read More

Hard Market Insurance

Hard Market Insurance Options

July 7, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Before 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic truly took hold, we were already entering a hardening insurance market…. Read More

Insurance for summer businesses

Insurance for Summer Businesses

May 19, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

The joys of summer are a mainstay of songs, movies, books, and sweet memories.  But… Read More

volunteer insurance

Giving Back Safely – The Importance of Volunteer Insurance 

April 28, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Volunteers are compassionate, caring, giving people. Unfortunately, they are also at greater risk of legal… Read More

Insurance for Healthcare Services

Write More Business with Insurance for Healthcare Services

February 18, 2020 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Any individual or organization in the healthcare industry faces significant liability and risk. Healthcare services… Read More

Professional Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

Professional Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

November 11, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Small business owners often work to keep costs low and make the most of their… Read More

Insurance for Small Business Owners

5 Essential Types of Insurance for Small Business Owners

October 14, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Small business owner insurance should be a key part of every entrepreneur’s business plan. In… Read More

Benefits of Having Excess Liability Insurance

What Are the Benefits of Having Excess Liability Insurance?

September 9, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

It’s a common misconception that liability insurance alone is enough for peace of mind in… Read More

Aerial Arts Insurance

Write More Business With Aerial Arts Insurance

August 13, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

 Aerial arts feature thrilling techniques and daring moves that awe audiences. In the case of… Read More

Professional Liability Insurance

Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance

August 5, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

 Insurance for restaurant owners/managers, insurance for lawyers, and insurance for technology professionals all fall under… Read More

Insurance for the Outdoor Recreation Industry

Insurance for the Outdoor Recreation Industry

July 29, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

If you, as an insurance producer, are not already providing your clients with outdoor recreation… Read More

Prime Insurance Company Producer Friendly

Why Insurance Producers Choose Prime Insurance Company

May 13, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

When you are looking for the best property/casualty insurance carrier, you need not look any… Read More

prime insurance company

Who Is Prime Insurance Company?

April 22, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

An Excess and Surplus Lines Carrier
It’s easy to think that Prime Insurance Company is just… Read More

how to identify and manage risk

How to Identify and Manage Risk Within a Business

April 8, 2019 / Author: Jake Wintczak

When you run a business, it’s vital to understand the level of risk involved with… Read More

Animal Liability Coverage for Towing Companies

Does Your Towing Company Client Have a Dog?

October 15, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Animal Liability Coverage for Towing Companies
The towing industry is constantly facing insurance insecurity. Many carriers… Read More

Security Guard Insurance

Security Guard Insurance

September 4, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Key Elements of Providing Excess and Surplus Security Guard Insurance to Your Clients

The private security… Read More

Excess and Surplus Coverage From Prime Insurance Company Now Available in California

August 16, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Chicago, IL (August 16, 2018) — Prime Insurance Company — a leader in excess and… Read More

prime insurance company partnership approach

The Prime Insurance Company Partnership Approach

July 16, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Commercial insurance is about managing risk. The less exposure risk for the insurance company, the… Read More

excess and surplus market

 The Excess & Surplus Market: An Untapped Book of Business

June 11, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 393,830 independent sales agents in the… Read More

artisan contractor insurance

Why Artisan Specialty Contractors Need Additional Coverage for a Changing Market

March 19, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Artisan contractors face a lot of unique risks in every facet of their business. Not… Read More

legal cannabis insurance

How Excess Legal Cannabis Insurance Can Protect Your Clients

January 22, 2018 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Insuring a marijuana dispensary can be a risky proposition; the general legal status of marijuana… Read More

professional liability insurance for artisan specialty contractors

Do Artisan Specialty Contractors Need Professional Liability Insurance?

December 27, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

For many consulting services, professional liability insurance is a must. These services may risk a… Read More

plumbing contractors insurance

Two Areas of Additional Coverage All Plumbing Contractors Should Have

November 28, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. And if your plumbing client accidentally bursts a… Read More

artisan insurance

Why Do Artisan Specialty Contractors Need More Coverage Than General Contractors?

October 16, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

Depending on the exact nature and structure of your client’s business, you may be considering… Read More

Two Areas Where Roofing Contractors Can Easily Exceed Coverage Limits

September 25, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

If you’re in the roofing industry, then you know that claims can frequently run the… Read More

How Should You Enhance Your Client’s Security Guard Insurance?

June 12, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

General liability insurance coverage can adequately protect most of your clients’ concerns and liabilities; however,… Read More

Customized Liability Insurance: A Necessity for Artisan Specialty Contractors

June 5, 2017 / Author: Jake Wintczak

As an Artisan Specialty Contractor, your work holds unique risks, and even the most seasoned… Read More

Placement Blues: Rejected By The Standard Market

Placement Blues: Rejected By The Standard Market

July 28, 2016 / Author: barbaram

When The Standard Market Says No
Lets face it, rejection happens.

Most risks will find placement on… Read More

What is a “Hard-To-Place Risk”?

What is a “Hard-To-Place Risk”?

July 27, 2016 / Author: barbaram

What is a “Hard-To-Place Risk”?
One of the more ambiguous terms in the insurance lexicon is… Read More

Decades of Hard To Place Risks

Decades of Hard To Place Risks

May 26, 2016 / Author: barbaram

Prime Insurance Company specializes in writing unconventional and challenging risks beyond the appetite and capacity… Read More

Final Stop! The Market of Last Resort

Final Stop! The Market of Last Resort

April 15, 2016 / Author: barbaram

At Prime Insurance Company, we do not compete with other markets. That is because our… Read More

Insuring The Insurmountable

March 10, 2016 / Author: barbaram

Specialty Liability Insurance Coverage

Specialty Liability Insurance Coverage

January 6, 2016 / Author: barbaram

The new year is upon us and more and we’re starting to see changes in… Read More

Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance

Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance

June 2, 2015 / Author: barbaram

Prime Insurance Company is an excess and surplus lines insurance carrier that specializes in providing… Read More

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional Liability Coverage

October 24, 2014 / Author: barbaram

PRIME INSURANCE COMPANY, a surplus lines insurance company offering underwriting, risk management, claims, brokerage and… Read More

Writing Hard-to-Place Risks

Writing Hard-to-Place Risks

August 22, 2014 / Author: barbaram

For almost 30 years, Prime Insurance has been a trusted partner with brokers, agents and… Read More