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Nursing homes and assisted living facilities bear the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of older individuals who can no longer care for themselves. However, situations can arise where the staff is negligent or accused of committing negligent acts that may contribute to a resident’s injury or death.

The facility’s legal liability in these circumstances can lead to lawsuits. Without adequate nursing home or assisted living liability insurance to cover unfavorable judgments and settlements, the financial consequences could have lasting effects.

Insurance Producers Turn to Prime for Nursing Home Insurance

Insurance agents and brokers seeking to obtain this essential protection for their clients need a partner they can trust. Prime Insurance Company can provide an all-in-one assisted living or nursing home insurance program that reduces the liability exposure of these facilities. You can recommend a program from us with complete confidence.

These plans cover claims up to the policy’s limits as well as the cost of the insured’s legal defense. As a producer, you can provide customized coverage that protects your clients and gives them peace of mind.

We Cover Difficult-to-Insure Risks

Our package deal with commercial liability and professional liability is the perfect solution for assisted living centers and nursing homes that have trouble finding coverage in the standard market. At Prime, we specialize in these types of risks. We can provide solutions for businesses and organizations that have been denied, canceled, or nonrenewed or have an adverse claims history. If you’re a producer, we can help grow your business by providing more opportunities for you and your clients.

Delivering Superior Service Is a Top Priority

Our commitment to providing exceptional service benefits our producer partners and policyholders. We implement a hands-on approach to finding innovative solutions that meet every client’s unique coverage requirements. You can also count on us to deliver unrivaled claims expertise. Policyholders have around-the-clock access to our claims reporting hotline, where they’ll receive immediate assistance. We process all claims quickly, efficiently, and fairly and provide aggressive legal representation if the need arises.

Other Producer Benefits of Partnering With Prime

Prime can help you grow your nursing home insurance business in many ways. Work with us to benefit from:

  • Help with premium financing: Assisted living liability insurance is high-risk coverage. As a result, it comes at a higher cost than standard policies. With premium financing options available via Greenlight Premium Finance, we can make our programs more budget-friendly for your clients. This valuable selling tool can help you land and retain more business.
  • No minimum production or premium requirements: You’ll have the flexibility to write as many or as few policies with us as you need to. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t have any prohibitive sales volume guidelines or restrictions.
  • Unmatched expertise: Because we specialize in the nontraditional insurance market, our team can offer more insight into your clients’ unique needs. As a producer, you’ll have access to information that enables you to make the best recommendations in every liability coverage situation.
  • A partnership approach: We want to become a trusted partner in your success. Our collaborative approach extends to all members of our team, delivering amazing results for producers.

A Trustworthy Company With a Solid Foundation

Prime has earned an “A” (Excellent) rating from AM Best, a venerable insurance industry credit rating agency with more than 120 years of expertise.

Prime has also earned a Financial Stability Rating® of A” (A Double Prime), Unsurpassed, from Demotech, Inc. The most current Financial Stability Rating® must be verified by visiting

You and your clients can count on our financial stability and have complete confidence in our claims-paying capabilities.

What to Submit

We’ve made the process of applying for nursing home or assisted living center insurance as smooth as seamless as possible:

  • Complete the General Application. Be sure to include all limits of liability required.
  • A summary of the number of employees, including a breakdown by type of employee (e.g. administrator, nurse, aide, etc.). Include resumes for key employees.

Upon receiving the application and supporting documentation, we’ll contact you to set up a convenient phone conversation to gather additional information. We’ll then issue a quote for your client to review.

Contact us online if you have questions or need additional information regarding our assisted living and nursing home liability insurance programs. You can also give us a call at 800-257-5590.

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