What People Like About Us:

“Prime Insurance is a company that is really committed to helping its customers. They partner with you and help to protect you by educating and ultimately supporting the business to operate with confidence that comes from their wisdom and experience. I have been with them many years and have more trust than ever in them. A solid insurance company keeping their customer first.”

Kent M.

“Excellent service a company you can trust.”

Zoe P.

“Great company, they did exactly what promised and what others could not do. I highly recommend this company for all your trucking insurance needs.”

Jan J.

“Prime insurance was communicative, clear, and offered resources as well as follow up. Insurance can feel overwhelming but their team was helpful and thoughtful working with me.”

Lizzy V.

“Prime Insurance Company is a great company to work with excellent service for agents they do a great job with their claim history and helping customers. I’ve been at this for over 40 years and they’re one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.”

Scott H., Buschbach Insurance

“The service is really, really good. Once we bind coverage the policy and certificate are issued within hours. Mostly we find Prime Insurance Company to be of great help with our specialty program, non-emergency medical transportation. We also use Prime for some towing and commercial auto accounts.” 

David C., Guardian Insurance, Transportation Zone.

 “For 35 years Holiday River Expeditions has had a partner in the river business WOGA/Prime Insurance Company. They don’t just show up to collect your premium; they are there to help with claims, risk management and even help us fight for ‘make sense’ government policy. They ‘get it’ if my business succeeds they succeed.”

John W., Owner – Holiday River Expeditions

“Prime is very fast to act on our submissions for “banged up auto!” Jaime is always responsive to our needs and we’ve come to depend on Prime when there is nowhere else to get a quote.” 

Susie H., Ramsgate Insurance

“We have a nice relationship with Prime and found them to be a go-to specialty market for poultry farms. We know that Prime can issue A rated paper, so we can start looking to them for other solutions in the specialty marketplace.” 

Lisa A., Wells Fargo, Florida

“We send all of our hard-to-place risks to Prime including property, general liability, auto to name a few. We love working with Pete, Mike, and Jaime and find them all to be very responsive and knowledgeable in helping us to get the business written.”

Janean F., M J Kelly, Arkansas

“We like working with Rick, Pete, and Janice. Some of the risks are out there – hard-to-place, and Prime comes thru with options and incredible turnaround time. We depend on Prime to help us with ATV’s, recreational risks and petting zoos.”

Shamora L., Valley Forge Brokers

“Prime Insurance is a unique company that builds relationships with agents and insureds. This company is ahead of its time but with a human element. In a time where everything is digital without the human touch. Prime really tries to grow with the agents and insured’s by providing open communication and more importantly an “all-in-one” philosophy.

Rick J. Lindsey is a CEO that has a strong sense of the insurance industry by keeping a pulse with agents and insureds. Not only is he accessible but also very logical in his approach. He helps the insured’s stay in business by figuring out manners in insuring companies in the proper way. 

 I have been in the insurance industry for 16 years and I have never seen an insurance company do what Prime Insurance is doing. All the best…thank you.” 

Rod C., Links Insurance Services, LLC

“Relationships are one of the most important things that we have in our business. Our relationship with Prime has really been proven to help us along to continue our growth and continue to succeed in business. Insurance is the most important component in our industry because we are so labor intense and equipment heavy; there’s a lot of opportunity for something to happen. We had a series of accidents that resulted in being dropped by our insurance company. Nobody would write us except for Prime. We managed to keep our doors open and came up with a heck of a safety program with them. We noticed that our drivers were safer, and our productivity improved. Prime took the time to learn our business with us and to listen to us. We are very fortunate that Prime came through and give us this chance, willing to take the risk. Without Prime, we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

Sunshine Recycling Services

“Our highest commendations to you and deepest respect and gratitude.”

Ron B., Music City Dream Cars

“Prime is great and we submit homeowners and general liability risks. On more than one occasion when I have a client in my office I know I can contact Bill and get immediate service. Prime goes out of the way to make it happen.” 

David G., Gilead Agency

“Jamie G and Jeff are great. They are efficient and quick, and most of the time we get coverage bound the same day. We submit wave runner and parasailing risks, and Prime’s the go-to-market for us.”

Stephen A.

“Prime is the first market we go to when we have a risk that is hard-to-place. Dave is great, and in working with Prime it helps us get our clients over the hump and get coverage when we simply can’t find coverage elsewhere.” 

Debbie T., Dean Insurance Agency

“We started doing business with Prime in 2009, and after we learned to weed out what is a good fit for you. We depend on Prime as a market for hard-to-place homeowner’s risks and Bill Hines and Dawn provide excellent service and great turnaround time. We’re working on our renewals now.” 

David J., Ross Sloan Agency

“Insurance for all kinds of businesses and activities with service that is unmatched. Excellence in an industry full of bad choices. This choice is a win for all individuals and companies seeking insurance protection. In my many years of experience, the Prime group is the best possible experience ever!”

Dave H., Flying Camp

“Our family and employees go through a risk every day. There’s no way that we can run a towing company without insurance. What I look for in an insurance company is a company that can be partners with me and supports me when the unfortunate happens. Unfortunately, I did have a small incident last year but Prime got involved, step by step. They helped me how to get through it. They paid the losses, they made sure that I was secure, they made sure that my equipment was correct, and they made sure that I was where I needed to be to go back to work.

I didn’t have to worry about anything in my business because my insurance was handling the loss and it was right on top of the money. I can continue to worry about my business and about my stuff and family and let the insurance company do what they do best.”

Westbrook Towing

“In 1995 I bought my first bounce house. 25 years and over a thousand inventoried items sits All-Star Events. 98% of our business was backyard parties but we got a couple of inquiries from municipalities. We also saw that some of the requirements were different than what we were used to in the backyard, mostly having to do with insurance. As we ‘insuranced up’, we saw more and more people come on mostly because of our insurance provider. It was instrumental to our growth, absolutely. I felt like when I saw Prime, I found a partner. And consequently, our claims have gone down considerably. Now we are in a place where we understand risk and we understand challenges. Prime saved my backside a million times over.”

All-Star Events

“No two days are ever the same in the mountains. Everything changes – the weather, the avalanche hazards…not everything is perfectly safeguarded. The mountains are an uncertain place. Ultimately, it’s not a question of if any accidents are ever going to happen when doing a lot of mountain guiding, it’s when. The knowledge that we have a strong partner as our insurance company is essential. I’m helping my clients achieve great things in the mountains and achieve their goals in the mountains and that’s what Prime does for me. They were there for us when we needed them. They’re providing an opportunity for us to go out and guide mountain climbing and that’s something I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all doing without a great insurance company behind us. I know that I can trust them and go forward with confidence.”

Utah Mountain Adventures

“We’re a parasailing company and we’ve been here for the last 5 years. There’s a lot of regulation and changes to the industry itself. Your insurance is really your first gateway to information. they’re the people that cover you, the people that make sure that you’re following the rules and you’re protected. At Prime, the guys are great they help me out they really call me every year to see if any new regulation that I need to be under or if I need any help. The experience that I’ve had with them has been fantastic. They’re always there and they’re always actually reaching out to me. It’s a good relationship. I don’t even want to try anything else.”

Miami Beach Ocean Watersports