Over 40 years of experience providing exceptional customer service
and a keen attention to detail.

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What People Like About Us:

Prime Insurance is a company that is really committed to helping its customers. They partner with you and help to protect you by educating and ultimately supporting the business to operate with confidence that comes from their wisdom and experience. I have been with them many years and have more trust than ever in them. A solid insurance company keeping their customer first.

Great company, they did exactly what promised and what others could not do. I highly recommend this company for all your trucking insurance needs.

Prime insurance was communicative, clear, and offered resources as well as follow up. Insurance can feel overwhelming but their team was helpful and thoughtful working with me.

As a broker who loves placing creative and difficult risks, Prime Insurance has been a great underwriting partner in helping our insureds find coverage.

Prime insurance company is a great company to work With excellent service for agents they do a great job with their claim history and helping customers I’ve been at this for over 40 years is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.

I switched to Prime Insurance in 2018 for my Paragliding business in Tennessee. These past few years have been easy knowing that Prime had me covered. From Customer Service to PROTECTING you and your business, it is clear to me that no one can offer you better coverage for a better price. Quality counts and Rick Lindsey and his team are the top company of the insurance industry.

Claims Direct Access Testimonial

I really regret not getting the chance to thank you both in person for helping us with this case. I am relieved the case was settled.  Mostly though I’m very grateful to have you both on my side.  You handled yourselves very professionally and skillfully.  And through this ordeal I felt like I couldn’t ask for better partners. If I can ever do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be forever in your corner.