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We are not surprised that PRIME INSURANCE has received an “A” reaffirmation from AM BEST. Very well earned!

This type of achievement was not easy to obtain! It was very well planned, but I can say Prime’s happy teamwork made it happen.

Prime Insurance accepts all types of risks and creates the necessary controls so that the assured understands and follows all rules that are not only Prime’s but FMCSA regulations.

Prime Insurance counts on a professional team of underwriters that strive for excellence and provide harmony between caring for the carrier and assisting the agent in earning the business of the insured. I can happily speak through my personal experience! I would like to mention Kenny Favero, Brock Parker, Laura Tonelli, Wyatt Middaugh, and Caroline Geiger, among many others underwriters that provide wonderful consultation.

Every department at Prime Insurance is designed to provide organization and efficiency in all policies. As agents, we strive to work with a company that not only offers reasonable solutions for our clients but also ensures that endorsements are processed quickly. This is why we love working with Prime Insurance, as the Policy Services Team very efficiently take care of endorsements (policyservices@primeis.com) are always willing to assist clients and agents when needed. With their fast and reliable services, we can provide prompt assistance to our clients all year round.

Lastly, to qualify under the A category, a carrier has to be very effective in responding to a claim. This shows that the team that manages the Claim Department knows the procedures that need to be taken in defense of the insured and to avoid false claims.

The exceptional quality of Prime Insurance has a direct impact on the agencies it serves, motivating them to improve their knowledge and overall care for the insured. Our agency, People Trucking Insurance, has significantly grown and reached a higher level since we are honored to represent Prime Insurance.

I’ve been with Prime since 2016. In that time, I’ve only had one claim which was brought against me fraudulently. Prime fought to prove it was fraud and in the end we won! Over the years I’ve enjoyed fantastic service from Jimmy Salmans; he is an EXCELLENT agent!! Prime insures things that are hard to insure – and they do a great job.

Rick J. Lindsey at Prime Insurance saved me from a near-death experience 2.5 years ago.

3 years ago, we focused our SpottedRisk MGA on the Film & TV Insurance industry. Less than 6 weeks after that decision, the Film & TV industry was shut down by a global pandemic. Because there was no Covid insurance available, lending to Independent Film & TV production companies (our client base) was completely halted. It was a scary time.

Infection rates were raging but in Summer 2020, our broker, TigerRisk, helped us launch the first Covid Film & TV Insurance program. We had quoted $20M of Covid insurance on the biggest film our biggest client had made in two years. Two of the four insurers supporting that policy got cold feet when infection rates started to spike and they pulled their capacity. Meanwhile, our Film client was about to start shooting and they thought they were insured. I alerted the client and told them I was doing everything in my power to replace the lost capacity, but they were mortified. I called every insurance market I could think of. Not only were the insurance markets not interested, but they would say “You want me to insure this massive movie for Covid, when I am hemorrhaging money in Covid claims and a global pandemic is wiping out large portions of the population? No way!” Meanwhile, with every passing hour, our Film & TV client was losing their mind, and understandably so.

Tiger introduced me to Rick. Rick de-boarded his helicopter, smoked a cigar and got in his truck to listen to my pitch. Rick asked me what would happen if a lead actors in a film contracted Covid. Would they be out for 2 weeks? 2 months? What happens if the local authorities shut down the movie if infection rates are spiking? After answering his questions, I told him, “Rick, I am in a very tough spot. Our biggest client thinks they are insured on a film that has already started filming and the talent can back out of the film if we can’t secure the coverage. I know we just met, but I am please asking you to consider providing us with $10M in coverage on this risk.” Rick proceeded to ask me many more questions about the risk, and then let me know that he would provide the full $10M I needed, by that afternoon. He didn’t need to to ask reinsurers for their approval, he didn’t need an actuary to tell him the risk was a good risk, he just made the call himself right on the spot. Less than 3 hours later, Rick’s capacity was signed down and the policy wording was signed off on. This person, who I had just met a few hours prior, completely saved me. I was completely blown away.

Fast forward to today. We have two films screening at Sundance this week (one of which won the Grand Jury Award) and Rick took me for a helicopter ride over Park City. It’s a good reminder that sometimes help comes from the most unexpected places, and only by surviving these near-death experiences do we realize our true propensity to overcome challenges like these in the future.

I really respect and admire how you guys at Prime manage your business and claims. You guys follow up and pay attention to details like few other companies I have ever met.

I’d love to meet you guys in person one day and grab a bite.

We now work with a good amount of insurance companies, some of them are doing tens of billions of dollars a year in premium…when people ask me which company I admire or respect the most, 100% of the time I always say Rick Lindsey and his team.

This letter is to let you know that My experience with Prime Insurance was impressive. We had a minor incident with a motor vehicle and they were looking to take full advantage of our coverage for no legitimate reason. Together being proactive with every detail and recognizing false and dishonest claims we won the jury case.  Without a professional team effort from Lee Chait your claims Attorney we would have failed. Thank you for everything.

Personally, I had no idea what to do in our situation. I experienced a moment of shock and disbelief afterwards. Having Dylan to speak with was such a relief, to be quite honest. I have not had this experience with anyone else through my whole process with our issue. I want to thank Prime Insurance and Dylan Skalka.

I will recommend your company “Prime” to anyone that may ask if I know a GREAT Commercial Insurance Company because you actually care about your clients. Thanks again.

Hey Rick, just wanted to say thank you for all Prime and you have allowed us to do the past year. The ability for us to pursue, handle, and settle claims has drove our claim cost into the ground. Every single one of your adjusters are amazing to deal with. We just signed our renewal with you yesterday with Austin & Cody. I appreciate you and your underwriting team for fulfilling your commitment to us with the renewal.  Look forward to meeting and catching up sometime in the near future!

When we had our call last year before we signed with you and Michael asked a question, your response was “Because we’re the best F****** Insurance company in the country” I’ve never forgot that quote and hands down you are!!

Keep killing it and looking forward to another great year of partnerships!

#primeinsurance is the hashtag I created to spotlight one of the best sleeper carriers in America. Prime Insurance. Rick J. Lindsey, the founder, runs his business the way all insurance companies should be run. In nearly fifty years of doing what I do, there’s only one other guy I’ve personally known that’s done this, George Joseph of the Mercury Group. Trail Blazers like Rick and George are way ahead of the pack. If I need a real policy, backed by a real carrier, that really does provide insurance for my client, I know where to find it. And if that’s the kind of business relationship you’re looking for, look no further, #primeinsurance

“The company transports fuel throughout the states of Florida and Georgia. They have been with Prime since 2017 and came to Prime originally to get a better quote and good service for his company.

“When the accident occurred in October 2018, I quickly contacted Gulf Shore to report the claim. The Prime team called me back immediately to discuss the incident. There was no waiting as Prime leaped into action. Prime worked closely with me and CWC on what we thought was a frivolous lawsuit. The Prime team kept in close contact every step of the way. Throughout the course of the litigation, Prime kept us well informed and in the loop.

“The representation in court by Kurt Spengler of Wicker Smith was outstanding. Prime worked with top litigators for the jury trial. It was my first jury trial and the defense presentation was excellent. Every time the attorney spoke I felt confident the jury would return a defense verdict.

“After the presentation of all the evidence, the jury did exactly that – it returned a defense verdict in less than thirty minutes. I was so happy about how everything went because you never know with a jury trial. Everyone did a great job.

“Prime was so well prepared and kept me informed during a stressful time of a jury trial, all of which resulted in a defense verdict for CWC.

“Without a doubt, I would recommend Prime Insurance Company for outstanding service and results.”

Prime Insurance is a company that is really committed to helping its customers. They partner with you and help to protect you by educating and ultimately supporting the business to operate with confidence that comes from their wisdom and experience. I have been with them many years and have more trust than ever in them. A solid insurance company keeping their customer first.

Great company, they did exactly what promised and what others could not do. I highly recommend this company for all your trucking insurance needs.

Prime insurance was communicative, clear, and offered resources as well as follow up. Insurance can feel overwhelming but their team was helpful and thoughtful working with me.

As a broker who loves placing creative and difficult risks, Prime Insurance has been a great underwriting partner in helping our insureds find coverage.

Prime Insurance Company is a great company to work with, excellent service for agents they do a great job with their claim history and helping customers. I’ve been at this for over 40 years is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.

I switched to Prime Insurance in 2018 for my Paragliding business in Tennessee. These past few years have been easy knowing that Prime had me covered. From Customer Service to PROTECTING you and your business, it is clear to me that no one can offer you better coverage for a better price. Quality counts and Rick Lindsey and his team are the top company of the insurance industry.

Claims Direct Access Testimonial

I really regret not getting the chance to thank you both in person for helping us with this case. I am relieved the case was settled. Mostly though I’m very grateful to have you both on my side. You handled yourselves very professionally and skillfully. And through this ordeal I felt like I couldn’t ask for better partners. If I can ever do anything for you don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll be forever in your corner.

If you are a household mover – look no further. I searched around for a long time and no quote came in close to what they offer. Very responsive and a smooth process. Thank you Jimmy!