Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions we often receive from insurance producers. You can download a PDF version of our FAQ, right here.


Do you write in all states?

Yes, we write in all 50 states as well as, D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Is there a required minimum amount of premium to write with your company?

No, there is no minimum to write with us.


Are you a broker or wholesaler?

Neither, we are a carrier.


Do I need to have an agreement to submit a quote?

No, we do not require a signed agreement on file until you are ready to bind a risk.


How fast is the appointment process?

Once all requested documents have been received, reviewed, and approved, we typically have the appointment finished within a business day.


Do you accept third party/outside vendors for filing surplus lines taxes?

No, we do not. If you don’t have a surplus lines license, we will write you through our in-house brokerage firm, Evolution Insurance Brokers, LC.


Why do you have different agreements?

Our agreements are applicable to the license you have and the business you are writing


How do I get online access?

You can get online access through the producer code we sent you in your acceptance letter. If you worked with a wholesaler and you are the retail agent, you will need to get access through the wholesaler.


Can the insured get online access to their account?

Yes, they can get access using their policy number.


How long are Prime quotes good for?

30 days.


Will Prime quote potential insureds more than 30 days until expiration or renewal?

Note that many producers are accustomed to Acuity, Auto Owners, etc. quotes, which are good for 60 days,


What premium finance company do we use?

Greenlight Premium Finance Company or we give you the choice to use a 3rd party vendor you prefer.


If we are using Greenlight Premium Finance Company (“Greenlight”) to finance premium, does the insured pay the down to Greenlight?

No, the down payment should still flow through your company. Your company should retain the commission, and if your company is the surplus lines broker, please retain the taxes also.


Where does Greenlight send funding?

Greenlight funds the carrier.


If I mail a check then send in a copy, are you able to bind?

No, if a down payment is required, then we must have the physical check in hand in order to bind. A copy will not suffice for payment by check.


If the insured is financed with Greenlight requests a change, which results in return premium, are they able to use the return premium for future additions?

No, return premium is sent to Greenlight on the very next business day. Upon receipt, all remaining payments are lowered equally.


What are the requirements to add additions to Greenlight?

We must be advised in writing that the borrower would like to add to Greenlight. It is best to include with the service request. Insured must be in good standing with contract and have at least two payments remaining.

Prime Points for Producers

  • Payment is required to bind coverage unless on approved account current list.
  • Effective date is tied to when payment is received.
  • We are not direct billed.
  • Retro-active coverage defaults to re-write effective date.
  • Liability coverage is subject to self-insured retention.
  • The personal guarantee is required to bind coverage, or the SIR needs to be 100% funded.
  • Minimum earned premium could be higher than the industry standard.
  • The policy may be fully earned in an event of a loss.
  • Insureds have 10 days from date of policy is sent to sign and return a copy of the Policy Receipt Form.