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Commercial Liability Insurance

Business owners in any industry face numerous risks during their daily operations. If an accident results in an injury to a third party who decides to sue, a company could be found liable for thousands or even millions of dollars.

Commercial liability insurance is a must-have for any business that wants to reduce its exposure and protect its assets. If you’re an agent or broker, Prime Insurance Company can help you provide a custom commercial insurance plan that gives your clients true peace of mind. We have years of experience writing commercial and specialty excess and surplus insurance products.

Each liability risk receives individual attention to make sure we understand the whole picture. We evaluate the insured’s needs and provide customized options for suitable coverage. We offer flexible underwriting, a risk management partnership approach, and deliver extraordinary claims results.

We Provide Commercial Insurance for Difficult Risks

Does your client’s company have a liability claim or two in its past? Does the business fall into a high-risk classification? At Prime, we specialize in working with clients that have been canceled, nonrenewed, or declined coverage elsewhere. We also insure those outside-the-box entities that don’t qualify for coverage in the standard market. When other providers say no, we can usually say yes.


Prime offers a TRU Umbrella of commercial insurance products that can serve any client need:

  • Active Shooter Liability: This insurance covers injuries and damages for which the insured may be legally liable stemming from a shooting incident in your client’s workplace.
  • Alleged Assault and Battery Liability: This type of plan covers threats to an individual’s safety — assault — or physical encounters or conflicts — battery — that occur on the premises.
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability: This commercial liability coverage protects business owners and employees against allegations of sexual misconduct when administering services.
  • Communicable Disease Liability: Also known as infectious disease insurance, this coverage applies to lawsuits and business interruptions resulting from an illness that spreads throughout a facility.
  • Customized Specialty Liability Coverage: This coverage protects the insurance in the event of specific losses listed under the policy.
  • Excess Coverage Available: This type of plan provides extra liability protection on top of the limits offered under a base policy.
  • General Liability: This broad type of insurance policy offers liability protection for an assortment of general business risks.
  • Liquor Liability: This coverage offers protection against claims of bodily injury or property damage caused by an intoxicated patron in a bar, restaurant, or other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Parades and Fireworks Liability: This insurance provides liability coverage for injuries or damage that occurs during parades or events that utilize pyrotechnics.
  • Personal Effects Coverage: This non-liability form of insurance covers the loss or damage of valuables a policyholder wears or carries while performing their job duties.
  • Personal Injury Coverage: This type of plan offers liability coverage for incidents not related to bodily injury or property damage, such as false arrest, libel, slander, and invasion of property.
  • Product Liability: This insurance protects the policyholder in the event of bodily injury or other damages sustained by third parties while using a business’s products.
  • Special Events Liability: This type of plan offers coverage for entities that stage or host short-term events like weddings, concerts, or festivals.
  • Watercraft: This insurance covers injuries and property damage sustained by third parties during the operation of a commercial boat or vessel.

A Strong, Stable Commercial Insurance Partner You Can Trust

Prime is a financially stable business you can recommend to your clients with complete confidence. We’ve earned an “A” (Excellent) rating from AM Best, a world-renowned credit rating agency serving the insurance industry since 1899. You can feel confident that we’ll always have your clients’ backs.

Prime has also earned a Financial Stability Rating® of A” (A Double Prime), Unsurpassed, from Demotech, Inc. The most current Financial Stability Rating® must be verified by visiting We have the resources to handle claims and meet all our other financial obligations.

Producer Benefits of Partnering With Prime

Besides offering a reliable commercial insurance solution for your clients, partnering with Prime can benefit your business in many ways. We offer:

  • Customization: At Prime, we recognize that no two policyholders are alike. We can tailor plans that meet your clients’ unique needs. And with our flexible underwriting, we can provide more coverage options than many of our competitors.
  • Risk mitigation services: We have the in-house expertise to work with you and your clients to develop and implement a cost-effective strategy for reducing their exposure. The result is lower expenses for your clients and a higher satisfaction level.
  • Superior claims results: If your clients must file a claim, we’ll deliver top-notch support throughout the process, including providing aggressive legal representation during a lawsuit. You can trust that we’ll serve your clients well.
  • No minimum premium requirements: Prime accepts risks of all sizes. As an agent or broker, you don’t have to worry about meeting any restrictive minimum premium requirements. You’ll have more opportunities to grow your business.
  • Personal connection: You’ll quickly discover that relationships matter to us. When you choose Prime for commercial insurance, we’ll work closely with you and your clients to achieve the best outcome for every situation.

What to Submit

Our streamlined quoting process saves time and eliminates hassles for you and your policyholder. We have a variety of specific applications on the Commercial Liability Applications page or you can simply complete a general liability application.

  • Complete the General Application. Be sure to include Per Accident and Aggregate Limits requested, and an optional Per Person sub-limit, if desired.
  • A summary of annual income, and a breakdown of income categories.

Once we receive the application, we’ll contact you to set up a convenient time to discuss the risk further.

To learn more about the benefits of recommending commercial liability coverage from Prime to your clients, contact us at 1-800-257-5590 or today.

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