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Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry

The amusement and recreation industry is a massive market, valued at $54.9 billion, that is projected to reach $82.4 billion by 2030. Park owners are looking for specialty liability insurance that covers all aspects of their business. The problem is, not every insurance company is willing to provide the coverage these businesses need. Fortunately, we can write customized liability insurance for the amusement and recreation industry and have been doing so for decades.

If you’re an insurance producer looking to write more business and provide insurance solutions to your clients, then Prime Insurance Company is the partner for you. As a leading excess and surplus lines insurance company, Prime can provide customized insurance policies with confidence.

Prime can help your clients even if they’ve been canceled or denied insurance in the past or have a claims history. We can insure amusement parks and attractions across the country! Whether your client needs a brand new policy or if they have gaps and exclusions in their current policy, we can write a customized insurance policy to fit their needs. 

Prime has over 40 years of experience, making us one of the best insurance companies for the amusement and recreation industry. Many insurance companies are turning away individuals and businesses that are deemed too risky, or, they could be leaving gaps/exclusions in policies that leave the policyholder exposed. Prime takes a more hands-on approach to learn about you, your client, and their needs so we can write a policy that ensures maximum protection.

Nature of Business
(who we can help)

We can help insurance producers (agents and brokers) that are looking to write more business for their clients of the following classes:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Theme Parks
  • Water Parks
  • Rollercoasters and Other Amusement Rides
  • Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)
  • Recreation Centers
  • Carnivals
  • Bowling Alleys & Arcades
  • Skating Parks & Rinks
  • Inflatables and Bounce Houses
  • Adventure Parks
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Billiard Parlors
  • Fairs, Festivals, and Special Events
  • And More

Coverages (listed A-Z)

  • Active Shooter Liability Coverage
  • Alleged Assault and Battery Liability
  • Alleged Sexual Abuse and Molestation Liability
  • Animal Liability
  • Commercial Auto Coverage (available in most states)
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Communicable Disease Liability Coverage
  • Equipment Rental Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Liquor Liability
  • Personal Liability
  • Premises Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Liability (E&O)
  • Property Coverage
  • Riot and Civil Commotion Liability Coverage
  • Special Events Liability
  • TRU Umbrella / Excess Liability
  • And More


What Can Insurance for the Attractions Industry Cover?

There are many types of businesses and amusement/theme parks under the attraction industry, including all the crazy rides out there. A lot of insurance companies have gaps and exclusions in their policies that will likely not cover some of the examples listed below. However, Prime writes customized insurance policies based on the insured’s needs and we can include coverage for the following:

  • Amusement parks and theme parks
  • Water parks
  • Park staff (janitors, security guards, entertainers, etc.)
  • Roller coasters
  • Carnival rides
  • Water slides
  • Concessions
  • Rodeos
  • Batting cages
  • Go-carts
  • Fireworks
  • Inflatables (bounce houses, jump pillows, etc.)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Souvenir shops
  • Special events (corporate events, birthday parties, etc.)
  • And more!

Accidents in the Amusement Industry

There are many risks to consider at an amusement park, water park, etc. – large crowds, mechanical rides, food and drinks being served, and much more. Every business owner should follow standard safety tips and protocols but even still, accidents can happen.

It is estimated that there are roughly 30,000 amusement park-related injuries each year! Some of the most common injuries include slips and falls, injuries to the head, neck, and back, and food poisoning from concession stands.

Prime offers in-house risk management expertise to mitigate those risks as much as possible but there’s only so much we can control. It’s best for your clients to be prepared for the worst by having a liability insurance policy in place.

Why Offer Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry?

While the amusement and recreation industry may be risky, it’s also lucrative for a lot of business owners and operators. People will always want to have fun and that’s what the amusement and recreation industry provides, risky or not.

The potential risk of amusement and recreation won’t stop people from enjoying these activities. Nor should it stop your clients from owning or operating such businesses. The key to success lies in insurance for the amusement and recreation industry.

General liability insurance may not be enough for your clients, especially as amusement and recreation activities get riskier. An intense water slide may pose more risk than a shallow, lazy river, for example, so different amusement and recreation activities carry different levels of risk. Insurance for the amusement and recreation industry is specifically targeted at filling in the gaps left behind by insurance that doesn’t cover this level of risk. As an insurance producer, you may be able to ensure that your clients are fully covered by getting in touch with us.

Insurance Providers for the Amusement Industry and Prime Insurance Company

Looking for the best insurance provider in the amusement industry? Prime Insurance Company should be at the top of your list. Our partnership approach requires that we speak with the insurance producer and the insured so we can better understand everyone’s needs in order to provide the right coverage, the right service, and most importantly, a long-lasting, healthy relationship.

A lot of people go with cheaper markets that will cost them and their insured more in the long run! Over the past years, many of the cheaper markets have run into trouble, gone broke, or stopped writing. As a result, Prime is writing more business and we remain committed to doing it right! Insureds need a more efficient insurance company and a better partner that’s willing to fight frivolous lawsuits practiced by legal professionals nationwide.

In short, Prime won’t compete with your other markets from a premium standpoint, but we will help you write the business you are turning away today. Plus, we’ll be by your side when a claim or lawsuit is filed against you. We are a true insurance partner!

Get an Insurance Quote for the Amusement Industry

Please note that we do not accept submissions more than 30 days from expiration. When needed, we can provide same-day quotes and proof of coverage, you just need to complete the Insured Underwriting Call to get it done! To finalize pricing we require a phone call with the owner/applicant. Get started with your amusement industry insurance quote today by clicking the “Get a Quote!” button above.


Why Choose Prime As Your Insurance Partner?

There are many reasons why you should choose Prime as your insurance partner but here are some highlights: 

Partnership Approach

At Prime, we build trusted relationships and want all parties to be involved. We arrange a phone call with every potential insured to provide fast, flexible underwriting for every client. From our underwriters to our legal team, the insured, and the producers — at Prime, everyone is considered a partner and our processes are designed for the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

“A” Rated Carrier With 40+ Years of Experience

The strength and stability of Prime have led us to over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry. Insurance for the amusement and recreation industry is our expertise!

In-House Teams

We have it all under one roof – underwriting, legal, risk management, policy services, etc. You will have direct access to our staff and services, ready to assist you! We even have an in-house claims hotline if an incident or claim occurs, available 24/7. Prime can write up to $10 million in-house.

Extraordinary Claims Results

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle claims in-house and effectively. Prime’s team of attorneys and adjusters are here to assist you every step of the way. Unlike most insurance companies, Prime fights frivolous lawsuits. We will be by your side every step of the way!

About Us

Prime Insurance Company is an excess and surplus (E&S) lines insurance company, specializing in property and casualty insurance for non-standard, specialty risks. Prime currently produces in excess of $400 million gross premiums annually. The company writes E&S business in all 50 states and has an “A” (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best*. Prime has also earned a Financial Stability Rating® of A” (A Double Prime), Unsurpassed, from Demotech, Inc.**

Prime delivers coordinated services by integrating expert underwriting, policyholder services, policy accounting, premium financing, risk management, state tax payments, claims administration, and self-insured support program services all under one roof.

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You may submit an application online by clicking the “GET A QUOTE” button, or download and fill out the application and supplemental documentation. If you download the application you may either submit them via email, fax or postal mail.