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Prime True Umbrella Coverage

Traditional policies (homeowners, auto, etc.) don’t always provide all the insurance protection you need to safeguard your assets from some incidents, accidents, or lawsuits. Personal umbrella policies (also known as PUPs) are excess liability policies that provide an additional layer of protection to protect you and your family from this risk. Everyone needs one to protect their assets!


Our true umbrella is different as we want to help the insured use the market to their advantage. If they have or can get good inexpensive terms, we urge them to do so and we write the gaps, exclusions, limitations as needed. The Prime True Umbrella schedules activities and operations and perils, where other carriers do not schedule much other than what the umbrella is over.


  • Maintain current homeowners/auto insurer
  • New drivers accepted – no age limits on drivers
  • Issues with DUIs can still be covered
  • Coverage available for uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Adverse claims history
  • Celebrities, politicians, sports figures, high-net-worth individuals, and high-end coastal residents
  • Coverage for emerging risks


Prime Insurance Company provides solutions that can’t be found anywhere else. Some carriers may not be able to provide the coverage you need and that’s where Prime steps in to fill that gap. We don’t compete with your insurance carriers but are here to provide you with coverage when you can’t find it anywhere else.

Prime has flexible underwriting, a risk management partnership, and extraordinary claims management, including a 24/7 claims hotline. We are not just an insurance carrier but a partner who offers outstanding solutions and service. We provide customization and flexibility!


Please submit the application and a copy of all underlining policies to start. Contact us at 877-243-8181 or if you have any questions!

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