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Prime Insurance Company Producer Friendly

Why Insurance Producers Choose Prime Insurance Company

When you are looking for the best property/casualty insurance carrier, you need not look any further than Prime Insurance Company. We are one of the best insurance companies for insurance agents because we do things differently than many other companies out there, ensuring that we are insurance agent friendly with a focus on partnership.

Specialty and Declined Risk Coverage

As an insurance producer, you know that it’s far easier to get coverage for low-risk insureds than it is to find adequate solutions for specialty and declined risks. To offer your best to your clients, you need to stand out from the competition. We help you do that as an excess and surplus lines insurance company.

With Prime Insurance Company, you will get fast and flexible underwriting even for specialty or hard-to-place risks. From commercial general liability to garage liability, personal lines, commercial auto, specialty liability, and professional liability, we provide suitable coverage for any risk.

Our model focuses on highly customized insurance solutions. There are countless carriers out there who manage one-size-fits-all, standard insurance risks. We are here to fill in the gaps where those carriers will not.

When you look at our product lines, you will see many areas of coverage that other carriers have excluded. On a commercial level, we cover areas like inflatables and winter operations, inland marine, garage liability and towing, and professional liability for professionals ranging from accountants to police officers to tax preparers. We even offer professional liability coverage for insurance agents.

Our personal lines are applicable to nearly any situation you can think of. Even if something is not directly listed, it’s worth talking to our team as we specialize in creating custom insurance solutions for our producers. If your clients are involved with AcroYoga, exotic pets, foster parenting, volunteering, or other potentially risky personal undertakings, we are here to help.

Where other carriers have found that a risk is undesirable, even if it has to do with adverse claims, loss history, or other unique circumstances, we are willing to take a closer look with the guidance of skilled underwriters and hard-earned expertise. If a client has been turned down before, we’re your best property/casualty insurance carrier to give them coverage and keep them happy with you as an insurance producer.

Even though we work with risky situations, we are highly skilled in risk management in partnership with our producers. Our risk managers take their roles very seriously, carefully inspecting, evaluating, and researching to offer the expertise, guidelines, and recommendations that provide peace of mind while preventing costly claims. And, if there is a claim, our in-house team works quickly to handle the situation for your clients fairly and quickly.

We know that insurance producers are the most successful when they have options, and we believe that our success depends on yours. That’s why we partner with producers to expand insurance options even for challenging situations.

A Proven Track Record of Success

We aren’t new on the scene by any means. Prime Insurance Company has been around since 1992, consistently providing quality, insurance agent friendly service. Working out of our main offices in Chicago, IL; Sandy, UT; and Naples, FL, we write excess and surplus lines business in all 50 states and have been rated A by A.M. Best. That means you can rely on our steadfast service as many others have, over the decades.

We maintain professional affiliations with the Wholesale and Specialty Insurance Association (WSIA) and the Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), as part of our overall commitment to the continual betterment of the insurance industry. We also work strategically with premier insurance organizations like Lloyd’s of London, Gen Re, and RLI.

Business is looking great for Prime Insurance Company— we wrote $117.1 million in premiums in 2017 and $174.5 million in 2018.  We know what we are doing and we are always improving our stable track record with education, innovation, and leadership.

To see how Prime Insurance Company compares with our peers in the insurance industry,

The Direct Service Advantage

Today’s world moves quickly and people are used to fast communication and decisive action. We understand this and see how valuable efficiency is from the perspective of our producers all the way down to their own clients who want to know what is happening with their claim as soon as possible. As one of the best insurance carriers in the industry, this is why we have committed to providing direct service.

Policyholders with Prime Insurance Company can receive assistance from us, directly, over the phone or online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. When we handle underwriting and risk management calls we do it directly with policyholders, and we strive to conduct onsite risk management visits with policyholders as much as we can. Producers are looped into this communication as much as they would like to be, which means everyone is on the same page, with Prime working hard to maintain open lines of communication and efficient, expedient service.

Becoming a Prime Producer

There are countless advantages to working with Prime Insurance Company, which is why we have been so stable and successful over the many decades we have been in business. Insurance producers love us for our dedication to providing flexible, creative, and reliable coverage to their clients, and as we grow our product lines and service offerings, we are growing our reach with insurance producers as well.

We are happy to accept more insurance producers into the Prime Insurance Company family. The first step is getting in touch with us to discover how we can help you and your clients.

For more information about what we offer, please contact our team at producerservices@primeis.com or 801-304-3726. Go to our producers page to learn more, and note that there are no minimum production requirements for Prime producers. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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