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Two Areas of Additional Coverage All Plumbing Contractors Should Have

Water damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. And if your plumbing client accidentally bursts a pipe or is faced with any sort of claim, it can quickly become their worst nightmare, too. Just like with other artisan contractors such as roofing experts, home builders, and insulation repair companies, plumbers face unusual liabilities with very high financial damages attached to them. Not all general commercial insurance plans are right for plumbers, so here’s how you can adapt your coverage options to be a better fit for plumbing contractors and professionals:

  • Add workers’ compensation for plumbing businesses that work on active construction sites. Even if your client is careful and keeps their employees’ safety in mind, construction sites can be dangerous. This is especially true at work sites that are shared with other contractors who are focusing on everything from electricity to ductwork. Show how your insurance plan can help your client’s company out by providing compensation in the event that your client’s employees are injured on the job,
  • Keep unique property and equipment covered. Plumbing tools can be expensive, and if your clients are going from site to site there’s an even greater risk of damage, loss, or theft. Talk to your client about the importance of adding coverage to keep their tools and trucks covered, because every contractor knows someone who couldn’t afford to replace an uninsured tool.

If your client is just starting out as an independent plumbing contractor or is expanding their business, make sure you walk through their current plan with them to make sure their specific business needs are addressed.


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