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Excess and Surplus Coverage From Prime Insurance Company Now Available in California

Chicago, IL (August 16, 2018) — Prime Insurance Company — a leader in excess and surplus lines insurance —announced today that it has been added to the List of Approved Surplus Line Insurers in California.  Prime can now offer property and casualty coverage in all 50 of the United States and certain of its territories.


“After several months of working with regulators and the insurance community, we received the good news that we can now serve the state of California” says Rick J. Lindsey, Chairman and President of Prime Insurance Company.


Mr. Lindsey also commented, “Our goal is to provide customized solutions for risks that others decline.  We can offer coverage on all or part of a risk, and this gives California brokers and agents more options to write additional business.”  Prime Insurance Company offers a broad range of property and casualty coverages that can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of each policyholder.


Prime Insurance Company follows a bold business model that has inspired over 25 years of profitable growth and stability. The company has an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of “A” with a stable outlook.  Prime understands specialty risks and challenging underwriting characteristics.

Mr. Lindsey proclaims that “Prime Insurance Company is a committed and trusted resource for brokers, agents, and customers. We look forward to doing business in California!”


For more information on Prime Insurance Company, contact Mr. Frank Lukacs, Chief Marketing Officer at frankl@primeis.com or 801-304-5573.

For information on the latest rating, go to www.ambest.com.


rick lindseyAuthored by Rick J. Lindsey, CEO, President, and Chairman of Prime Insurance Company

Rick J. Lindsey hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. He began working in the mailroom of his father’s Salt Lake City insurance firm, getting his introduction to the business that became his lifelong career. Lindsey quickly rose through the ranks while working in nearly every imaginable insurance industry job. As an entrepreneur, specialty lines underwriter, claims specialist, risk manager, and a licensed surplus lines broker, Rick Lindsey is highly skilled in all levels of leadership and execution. As he progressed on his career path, Rick discovered an urgent need for insurers willing to write policies for high-risk individuals and businesses. He was frequently frustrated that he could not provide the liability protection these entities desperately needed to safeguard their assets. He also formed the belief that insurance companies acted too quickly to settle frivolous claims. Lindsey decided to try a different approach. He started an insurance company and became the newly formed entity’s CEO. This opportunity has enabled Rick to fill a void in the market and provide a valuable service to businesses, individuals, and insurance agents who write high-risk business. Prime Insurance also specializes in helping individuals and businesses who live a lifestyle or participate in activities that make them difficult for traditional carriers to insure. If you’ve been denied, non-renewed, or canceled coverage, don’t give up quite yet. Chances are Prime Insurance can help.

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