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insurance for mud parks

Insurance for Mud Parks

Insurance for Mud Parks

There is nothing more fun for many Americans than getting into a vehicle and racing through the mud. For mud park operators, offering that fun comes with risk. Anyone hosting a mud bogging event, or installing a mud park, should be aware of their options for insurance. Insurance for mud parks is essential.

What is Mud Bogging?

You may know mud bogging as mud racing, mud running, mud drags, or simply mudding. All refer to the same thing: driving a vehicle through a mud pit or muddy track. When people compete in mud bogging, the winner is decided by how far they made it through the mud pit. For those who get through the track, the time it takes to complete is a deciding factor. Ideally, these events happen at mud parks or mud bogs, often a part of motorsports facilities.

There is also the opportunity to go mudding outside of a mud park, with riders traveling through fields, streams, and other muddy areas. This is less organized than mud bogging at a mud park and comes with its own liability issues. Riders could face careless driving citations, trespassing charges and fines, and lawsuits.

The Risks of Mud Bogging

Mud bogging is an inherently risky activity with ample opportunity for injuries and property damage. Any event with a crowd will have risks associated with spectator control, facility protection, and security. This is on top of the more obvious risks that come with rough terrain and vehicles, from minor injuries to fatal incidents.

At one mud park, Redneck Mud Park, EMS showed up 13 times over a three-day event. In fact, between 2017 and 2020, this mud park saw 65 calls for EMS service, with 11 of those being trauma alerts. Recently, a school teacher died in an ATV crash at the same park, which shows how dangerous this activity can be. The park is being sued for negligence as the result of another death. Mud park owners and operators must take many precautions to make events as safe as possible.

Getting Insurance for Mud Bogging

Given the risks of mud bogging, securing insurance can be challenging for mud park operators, even though this insurance is critical. Any mud park operator is likely to have been turned down previously or quoted exorbitant, unaffordable rates. Nonetheless, as you can see from the previous example, protection against risks and lawsuits is critical in an industry like this.

Prime Insurance Company can write customized liability insurance for any client. We are a longstanding, stable insurance company with a long history of placing risks other firms may find challenging. Our in-house risk mitigation team will also assess each client’s situation and make suggestions to reduce the chance of an incident.

Our claims direct access function ensures that we can get to work right away if there is a claim. We operate on a partnership model, working with insurance producers and insureds for a timely resolution. We get involved with claims early and investigate aggressively, so all partners can rest assured that settlement is happening on schedule.

From developing a customized insurance policy to managing risk and claims, you can rely on Prime Insurance Company to help you keep safety a priority. Partner with us using our online application today. For more details, you can also call our Prime team at 800-257-5590 or email at info@primeis.com.

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