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Specialty Liability for Outdoor Guides

Specialty Liability for Outdoor Guides

Specialty liability for outdoor guides ensures that people working as guides in the outdoor recreation industry can make the most of their skills and experience without worrying about a life-altering lawsuit. Many of the areas in which outdoor guides work are inherently risky, whether it’s due to location or the activity itself.

Mountain guides, river guides, those who guide participants through ATVing, climbing, hiking, and more are exposed to risk, and their clients are, too. It’s the kind of activity that is not typically covered through general liability insurance, which is where Prime Insurance Company and our specialty liability for outdoor guides comes in to save the day.

The Details of Specialty Liability for Outdoor Guides

Every guide, tour, or group and every activity they lead is unique. That’s why Prime Insurance Company offers customized solutions to each one of your clients, so you can make sure that they get the coverage they need without paying for something unnecessary or leaving part of their risk uninsured. We know that your clients look to you, as an insurance producer, to help them secure insurance, for their own peace of mind and that of their customers, and we aim to make the process as easy and transparent as possible for everyone involved.

What happens if your clients are not insured? There are many things that could go wrong. Guides are responsible for their clients, whatever level of experience they do or do not possess. Without insurance, an event such as an injury, property damage, or accident can ruin the business and set the guide up for long term financial and reputation woes. Planning, preparation, and problem anticipation is highly recommended, of course, but it is insurance that is the safety net for your clients, which is why they are coming to you.

That being said, insurance for outdoor guides is not always easy to secure. Based on the risk involved, many insurance companies will turn away from this kind of activity, and it will often not fall under general liability policies because of that same risk. Prime Insurance Company, on the other hand, is well-versed in writing risks other insurers avoid, which we can do thanks to our well-honed approach and our strong risk management practices.

Working with Prime Insurance Company for Specialty Liability for Outdoor Guides

Much like your outdoor guide clients are not all made to fit into the same mold, we don’t provide cookie-cutter insurance. Instead, we rely on our partnership approach to work with you, and your client as the insured, to understand exactly what they need and what risks they face. We provide risk management advice and practices as part of our service, ensuring that your clients are taking every step to mitigate and reduce risk. That way, if a claim arises, we know that it is likely a fair claim deserving of a fair result.

When you apply for special liability for your outdoor guide clients, we work efficiently and effectively without compromising on quality or customer service. We know everyone is eager to move forward with the outdoor fun, knowing they are protected under the Prime Insurance Company umbrella, so we aim to have a quote in your hands as quickly as possible. The same holds true in the event of a claim — we work quickly to address and respond to the claim fairly, so your clients are not left hanging wondering what comes next.

Working with Prime Insurance Company for outdoor guide insurance means you can offer more to your clients and do the kind of work other insurance producers are unable to do because it’s too risky for their partners. Give yourself a competitive edge by working with us and experience the difference of working with Prime.

Start writing more business today with our special liability for outdoor guides. Our simple online application makes specialty liability for outdoor guides as easy as possible.


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