Claims Direct Access (CDA)

Prime operates a claims function that is focused upon the early determination of the factual and legal issues that affect resolution and claims value. Accordingly, Prime aggressively investigates and adjusts claims to the fullest extent practicable, as opposed to passively processing claims. By getting involved with potential claims early, Prime can work for a timely resolution without incurring unnecessary expenses. Maintaining experienced in-house claims personnel to handle claims represents one of Prime’s highest priorities. When necessary, independent adjusting firms and outside independent attorneys are contracted to investigate and coordinate claims management; although, Prime’s objective remains settling most claims in-house to closely control outside expenses.

All claims are handled in-house by claims managers and support staff to adjudicate claims. Prime proactively handles claims for itself, as well as Lloyd’s of London. Particularly for specialty insurance underwriters, a direct relationship with claims examiners, risk managers and insurers is extremely beneficial. The in-house claims department provides another opportunity to promote a higher quality, faster and more efficient claims negotiating and team approach to handling claims, and reduces related claims handling costs and expenses.

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