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6 safety tips for police officers

6 Safety Tips for Police Officers

More than 60 thousand police officers were assaulted in the line of duty in 2020 and 30% of them sustained injuries due to this. A lot of these officers were attacked using weapons, not just fists.

If you are an insurance producer who has lots of law enforcement officers as clients, then you will also need to understand some safety tips for police officers to help them even further. Keep reading to learn more about this important subject.

1. Seatbelts Save Police Lives

Did you know that the biggest danger to police lives isn’t guns, but cars? It seems hard to believe, but police cars get into car accidents quite often because they spend so much time on the road driving about.

If law enforcement officers remember to wear their seat belts every time they get into the car, they can protect themselves from this avoidable danger. They might still get injured if they get into a car accident, but it will be less fatal than if they weren’t wearing a seatbelt at all.

This is such a simple thing to do to boost safety for police officers all across America. More awareness in this regard is essential.

2. Stay Alert and Aware Everywhere

Another thing police officers need to remember is that they are vulnerable every time they go outside the precinct in a police car or on foot. They need to stay alert as soon as they step foot outside that door.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but too many officers end up getting complacent after being on the job for a while. This is because they feel like they have seen and done it all.

But that’s not true. There’s always a new danger coming around the corner that could harm the safety of police officers and cause a fatal injury in an instant.

That’s why avoiding complacency and staying alert is the most important trait of a safe police officer.

3. Don’t Go Into Dangerous Areas Without a Backup

Most police officers, especially if they are assigned to a dangerous area, will have a partner that they patrol with. There’s a reason for this.

If a police officer is alone roaming about in dark alleyways, someone could assault them and cause a grave injury. No one would be the wiser about this assault, and it could be hours before the police officer would get discovered. That could be too late for them.

That’s why all law enforcement officers should always be careful when venturing out into an unknown area or an area that’s known for harboring dangerous elements. If the police officers have a partner or if they alerted their precinct when venturing about in such areas, at least backup can arrive in time to protect them from any misadventures.

It might seem like they are being over-cautious, but it’s better to overdo it in this regard than be neglectful and regret it after.

4. Take Time to Think Through All Choices

Since being a police officer is such a high adrenaline role, a lot of police officers tend to make decisions on the fly, without taking even a second to think about what the best choice would be. This can result in ill choices being made that could put them in danger.

Better to take a moment or two to think through all the choices available. It doesn’t take more than a second, but that second can result in the police officer making a decision that could save their life.

In a dangerous moment, it might be hard to believe that the officers could even take a second to think. But that’s what their training is all about – to not rush into poor decisions that could not only endanger them but also others around them.

5. Don’t Think Officers Are Invincible

Too many people think police officers are invincible just because they wear a bulletproof vest, and safety gear, and carry a gun around with them. But they are one of the most vulnerable parts of the population since they constantly have to worry about getting injured on the job.

It doesn’t even need to be if they venture into a dangerous area where this could happen. It could be a mere visit to a school or walking about a peaceful neighborhood when something dangerous could happen out of the blue.

6. Get Liability Insurance

This isn’t something many police officers think about when thinking about their safety. It’s because they believe that the government or the organizations that they work under will protect them if anything untoward happens.

And yes, they will get some compensation from the government for being hurt on duty. But sometimes that’s just not enough.

Getting liability insurance on top of everything the government does for you is a great idea. And as an insurance producer, you should offer this suggestion to your clients, so they aren’t left without appropriate coverage.

Consider offering Prime’s Police Officer Insurance Policy to your clients. We offer customized liability insurance policies with coverage tailored to the police officer’s specific needs. The officers should have adequate coverage without any gaps or exclusions, so they have nothing to worry about when they go out serving the citizens of America.

Key Safety Tips for Police Officers to Follow

As an insurance producer, your role doesn’t end by offering good liability coverage to your client. Their needs might change over time, so you need to keep in touch with them to update their policies as needed. Consider sending them this article on safety tips for police officers so they can stay informed.

If you are interested in learning more about Prime’s Police Officer Insurance Policy so you can offer it to your clients, then get a quote on our website, or contact us by phone: 800-257-5590 or email: quotes@primeis.com. We want to help you help more police officers stay safe in this chaotic world.

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