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For homeowners, landlords, and all property owners who allow renters to use the golf cart during their stay.

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Golf carts are versatile vehicles that function well beyond the golf course. People who live in gated, country club, golf course and communities that have other amenities, find golf carts to be the perfect way to get around. What some didn’t know though is that if you rent or lease your residence and include the use of the golf cart it’s probably not covered under your insurance. That’s a serious gap because a moving vehicle of any kind can cause bodily injury and property damage, or worse.

Prime Insurance Company, provides options and solutions for this type of insurance. We will work with you to customize coverage based on what protection is actually needed to protect you. We have offered solutions for specialty liability risks to property owners, landlords and renters who have personal watercraft, ATV’s and other devices not covered by standard insurance.

Our flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and partnership approach to claims management will provide a defense if an incident or claim occurs. It makes sense that a renter would want to use the golf cart, but as an owner, make sure you have the right protection in place to cover you, your property and assets.


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Know the facts:
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Infographic Image

Did you know that small children and teenagers account for 1/3 of all injury victims?

Did you know that some golf carts can go up to 25 mph?

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