Garage Liability & Towing

We offer many types of liability coverage in Garage Operations for premises, overall operations, and Garage Keepers Legal Liability (GKLL). Businesses can obtain coverage from Day One of a new business operation without a limitation period wait.

If you’re looking for towing or repossession insurance, click here.

What to Submit

  • Complete the General Application. Be sure to include all limits of liability required.
  • A list of all Drivers including a photo copy of driver licenses.
  • A summary of the number of employees, including a breakdown by type of employee (e.g. mechanics, drivers, office help, etc.)
  • A schedule of all Vehicles to be insured, or a list of maximum property values at each location to be insured.


Auto Body Shops
Auto Dealerships
Auto Repair Shops
Car Washes
Custom Shops
Equipment Dealers
Manufactured Home Dealers
Mechanical Repair Shops

Mobile Home Dealers

Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicles

Recreation Vehicle Dealers

Repossession Companies

Towing Operations

Used Car Dealerships

Valet Parking


Dealer’s Open Lot
Drive Other Car
Excess coverage available
Garage Keepers Legal Liability
Garage Keepers Liability

Garage Liability
Towing – On Hook & Cargo
Wrongful Repossession / Recovery