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evolved broker podcast with rick j lindsey prime insurance company

Evolved Broker Podcast

Rick J Lindsey talks with Evolved Broker Podcast. Highlights include: Rick’s personal background & hockey career, Rick’s experience as an entrepreneur, Prime’s Approach, and Rick’s thoughts on the future of the industry.

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conversation with a carrier: Rick Lindsey, owner of Prime Insurance

Conversation with a Carrier: Rick Lindsey, Owner of Prime Insurance

JAG Principal Fernie Alvarez invited Prime Insurance and XINSURANCE owner, Rick Lindsey, to discuss the current state of the insurance market and how litigation is causing a strain on underwriting. A fascinating inside look on the claims process from the carrier perspective.

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Insurance Claims – Rick J. Lindsey Interview with Risk Placement Services

It all comes down to personal responsibility and doing the job you said you’d do. That might be an oversimplification, but it’s a philosophy that’s hard to come by in the world of underwriting and appetite volatility. It’s easy to come in hot on new business and start excluding coverage when it’s needed most. It’s an entirely different thing to hang in there with a business or industry when claims start getting real.

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Listen to this Podcast: The Voice of Insurance!

Prime Insurance Company’s President & CEO, Rick J. Lindsey, was featured in a podcast where he shares his vision and his thoughts on the industry.

The interviewer called it one of the best and most frank interviews he has ever done.

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Dive Into the Mind of Rick J. Lindsey

Our President & CEO, Rick J. Lindsey, joins The Defense Never Rests.

He shares his philosophy on how he manages and evaluates claims, how he underwrites risk, what he looks for from the lawyers defending his insureds, and (as a helicopter pilot) his thoughts on the Kobe Bryant accident.

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