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reading the fine print i hate insurance podcast

Insurance Policies And The Fine Print

As an insurance producer, one of the worst things that can happen to your client is finding out the insurance policy they thought would protect them in times of need turns out to have exclusions or be inadequate.

Eliminate your worries with Tru Umbrella Insurance and a partnership between the policyholder and the insurance provider. Prime Insurance Company understands the importance of a comprehensive insurance plan that caters to the unique needs of each individual or business.

At Prime, our mission is to be there for you and your clients during both good times and bad. We understand that life is unpredictable, and accidents or unexpected events can happen to anyone. That’s why we pride ourselves on managing claims better than anyone else.

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insurance after dark podcast

Insurance After Dark: Guest Interview with Rick Lindsey

This episode is a true lesson in insurance and why we love this industry and the people in it so much.

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i hate insurance podcast episode 3

Rick J. Lindsey Updates The Condition Of The Insurance Market And Our Unique Homeowners Approach

Rick sits down with Parker to discuss an update on the insurance market. They touch on what Prime is seeing more of (Property, Trucking, Professional Liability, Healthcare, and more) and our unique all-in-one commercial and Tru Homeowners coverage.

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i hate insurance podcast episode 2 the future of the insurance industry

The Future of the Insurance Industry with Rick Lindsey & Chris Wojciechowski

Rick J. Lindsey, CEO of Prime Insurance Company, sits down with Chris Wojciechowski, currently at Tiger Risk Partners. Rick and Chris discuss the current state of the surplus lines insurance market and where Rick projects Prime Insurance Company in the next ten years.

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property insurance market how hurricane ian will affect florida homeowners

I Hate Insurance! Podcast – Prime Highlights Ep. 1 – Property Insurance Market – How Hurricane Ian Will Affect Florida Homeowners

Rick Lindsey and Jenna Contreras discuss the current state of the property market, the Florida homeowners market, and the effect Hurricane Ian will have on Florida property insurance.

The I Hate Insurance podcast is hosted by Prime Insurance Company along with CEO Rick Lindsey. The podcast includes Prime product highlights, claims stories, and guest appearances from employees, producers, and insureds.

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Private Client Risk and Resilience

Private Client Risk & Resilience

Personal Risk Advisor and CEO of RiskRevu, Kurt Thoennessen, CAPI, talks with CEO of Prime Insurance Company, Rick Lindsey about his thoughts and approaches to insuring hard to place risks. The conversation spans the role of the agent in balancing the scales of justice to customizing coverage to make “Happy Customers.” Rick offers his thoughts on how agents and carriers can improve the insurance industry to help eliminate lawsuits and ensure customers are well taken care of at the time of a claim.

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evolved broker podcast with rick j lindsey prime insurance company

Evolved Broker Podcast

Rick J Lindsey talks with Evolved Broker Podcast. Highlights include: Rick’s personal background & hockey career, Rick’s experience as an entrepreneur, Prime’s Approach, and Rick’s thoughts on the future of the industry.

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conversation with a carrier: Rick Lindsey, owner of Prime Insurance

Conversation with a Carrier: Rick Lindsey, Owner of Prime Insurance

JAG Principal Fernie Alvarez invited Prime Insurance and XINSURANCE owner, Rick Lindsey, to discuss the current state of the insurance market and how litigation is causing a strain on underwriting. A fascinating inside look on the claims process from the carrier perspective.

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Insurance Claims – Rick J. Lindsey Interview with Risk Placement Services

It all comes down to personal responsibility and doing the job you said you’d do. That might be an oversimplification, but it’s a philosophy that’s hard to come by in the world of underwriting and appetite volatility. It’s easy to come in hot on new business and start excluding coverage when it’s needed most. It’s an entirely different thing to hang in there with a business or industry when claims start getting real.

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Listen to this Podcast: The Voice of Insurance!

Prime Insurance Company’s President & CEO, Rick J. Lindsey, was featured in a podcast where he shares his vision and his thoughts on the industry.

The interviewer called it one of the best and most frank interviews he has ever done.

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