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The Benefits of Working with a Successful Insurance Company 

What’s Ours is Yours: The Benefits of Working with a Successful Insurance Company 

What’s Ours is Yours: The Benefits of Working with a Successful Insurance Company

Everyone faces risk, whether in business or their personal lives, and most seek protection. When customers invest in insurance, they expect honesty, fairness, and quality.

Prime Insurance Company (Prime Insurance) boasts a 40-year track record of excellence that insureds trust – and it continues to grow by offering straight talk and high-quality coverage.

Prime Insurance CEO and founder Rick J. Lindsey has been in the business for decades and built the company through transparency, partnership, and fair prices. Potential customers may find lower rates, but Prime Insurance employees and customers know that good, solid policies are investments.

Lindsey’s commitment to tailored policies and lucrative, reciprocal partnerships has led to success for both customers and employees, despite a year of worldwide uncertainty.

Prime = Profit

In 2020, Prime Insurance cleared a hurdle that, for years, seemed insurmountable for the entire industry.

For the first time since the 2008 economic crisis, the combined ratio for Prime carriers, on a combined basis, fell above the 70s at 72.1 on net earned premiums of $100.8 million.

Prime Insurance’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc., focused on commercial auto policies and reported a combined ratio of 68.0 on net earned premiums of $68.6 million.

Mr. Lindsey’s customer-focused approach has provided double-digit solid gross and net premium growth rates in each of the last five years.

For Prime Insurance, the pandemic was a challenge, not a setback. COVID-19 could not keep the company from growing.

During the early months of the outbreak, premium growth rates dipped into the negative, reflecting the uncertainty across sectors.

By the end of 2020, Prime Insurance enjoyed an annual growth rate of 18.4% for direct premiums and 20.4% for net premiums.

Prime Insurance’s in-house team of experienced, dedicated claims professionals and lawyers work together with producers and insureds to deliver such extraordinary claims results, no matter the fiscal climate.

The company’s personalized service and communication nurture the relationship between Prime and its insureds, which held steady over the last year.


As Prime Insurance grows, it maintains a staff of long-term employees invested in its success.

They share common goals with the insureds they serve.

One of the benefits of such a team is extraordinary claims and litigation handling. Clients want to strong defense against frivolous litigation, and Prime is committed to doing so, bringing with it a winning track record.

Some clients have never experienced this level of commitment and trust. Prime delivers because it is prosperous and stable enough to do so – thanks to CEO Lindsey’s business acumen and attention to detail.

Prime’s winningness is unprecedented and contributes to its long-term success – and excellent coverage for its customers.

More about Prime Insurance Company

The surplus lines property and casualty carrier upholds an AM Best A (Excellent) rating and has offices and eligibilities in 50 states. Supported by a strong reinsurance panel led by Berkshire Hathaway and RLI, the Prime carriers can bind risks with limits up to $10 million.

Call Prime Insurance Company at 800-257-5590 or email us at info@primeis.com for more information.

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