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Are Your Security Guard Clients High-Risk?

The perfect client has no risk of interacting with the public face to face, and they also would not be involved in high-risk and potentially dangerous situations. However, clients in the security guard industry frequently do, whether they patrol a parking lot or watch over the front entrance of a building directly. But this doesn’t mean they can be great clients; they just need additional coverage in the areas that are most likely to be areas for high-frequency or costly claims.

Why should your clients get excess coverage policies if they have a security business?

  • They come into contact with potentially aggressive individuals. Security guards have to monitor situations for danger, and sometimes that can mean approaching individuals and engaging with them, either to escort them from a building or to stop them from gaining further access. Even the most reasonable restraint can turn into a claim despite having no grounds for a claim, and even the most well-trained security guard can make a mistake. Ensure that your client is well-covered for any eventuality.
  • Their employees can be in dangerous situations. Depending on the size of your client’s company, there can be a lot of employees to cover, and all of them run a chance of injury each time they have a shift. This means that security companies need to invest in protective equipment that will need repairs and replacement over time, and it also means that your client needs adequate medical coverage for their employees depending on the state and their responsibilities.

Security companies face a lot of risks when they face the public. But if you advise your clients to be proactive about finding excess coverage that fits their needs and business, you can lower the risk for everyone involved. If you want to learn more about areas for excess coverage that your clients should consider, contact Prime Insurance Company for more advice and quotes.

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