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Preparing for a flood


Mother Nature is unpredictable. Do you know what you would do if a flash flood occurred? Are you prepared?

Even if you reside in a community where flooding rarely happens, it is possible. Remember, when it rains it pours, and that can often lead to flooding. It is important that you know how to prepare yourself before, during, and after a flood occurs.

To prepare for a flood you should:

– Avoid building in a floodplain

  • – Construct barriers from floodwater seeping into your home

  • – If flooding is likely to happen in your community, listen to the radio or television for news updates

  • – Build an emergency kit

If a flood is likely to happen, you must:

  • -Evacuate your home immediately if advised to do so

  • -Move to higher ground if there is a possibility of a flash flood

  • -Disconnect electrical appliances

During a flood:

-Do not walk through moving water

  • -If you must walk through water, try to walk through where the water is not moving

  • -Do not touch electrical equipment

  • -Do not drive into flooded areas

After a flood, you must:

  • -Use local alerts and listen to news reports to get information about the flood

  • -Avoid moving water

  • -Be aware of where flooding has occurred. Some roads and bridges could be weakened by the flood

  • -Stay away from power lines that have fallen down

  • -Stay out of buildings if it is surrounded by flooded water

  • -Clean and disinfect everything that got wet

Stay safe and stay up-to-date on your local news channels. It is also extremely important to make sure you are covered in case the unexpected occurs. Prime Insurance will help you.

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