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How to Make Your Client’s Security Business More Secure

Security guards can face a lot of danger no matter what specific line of business they’re in, and their employers face secondary risks as a result of that danger. Even if your client’s business only offers security advice instead of providing direct security services, they can face liability for incomplete advice or advice that results in injury or property damage. The general commercial insurance coverage you offer suits most businesses just fine, but sometimes your client might need more liability coverage.

Here are some specific areas of coverage that your client’s security businesses may need:

  • Property insurance: If your client is a security consultant, they will, of course, need coverage for their office. But companies that hire out security guards and vehicles have much more property that can be harmed during the day-to-day course of business: protective gear, communications devices and emergency radios, and even alarms or security cameras. Work with your client to make sure their insurance plan covers all of their property and equipment; not only will your client’s financial future be safer, but they’ll also continue to trust you with it.
  • Professional liability insurance: Your client’s customers rely on their professional expertise. Whether the business plan focuses on protecting individuals, protecting property, or securely transporting goods from location to location, one misstep could spell claims and even lawsuits for your client. This event, alleged or actual, is likely to occur no matter how professional your client is, so walk them through the process to make it less stressful and to remove any surprise gaps in coverage now.

Insurance is about making your commercial clients feel secure, and even clients in the security business need that.

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