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Legalization of Concealed Firearms on the Rise

If you live in Illinois, it is now legal to carry concealed firearms. The Illinois General Assembly enacted the Firearm Concealed Carry Act in 2013. This law allows an individual to carry a concealed firearm in accordance with the rules and regulations under the law. An individual can earn the right to carry a concealed weapon if;

  • they are 21 years of age or older
  • pay a $150.00 application fee
  • pass a criminal background check
  • complete 16 hours of firearm training.

The problem that is arising, however, is that gun owners believe that their homeowner’s insurance coverage will protect them from potential criminal charges. A lot of homeowners insurance liability excludes liability coverage for intentional acts. Additionally, most homeowners insurance liability requires an “occurrence” as defined in the policy.

With the legalization of carrying a concealed firearm, it is crucial that you are properly covered under the right insurance. That’s where we come in. Prime Insurance can cover the person’s individual liability. In the case of an accident or if something went wrong, liability insurance protection is in place. If you are a gun owner, take the extra precaution and get yourself properly covered.

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