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Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry

Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry

The amusement and recreation industry is filled with risks of all kinds. Whether a person or company is offering fun at places like amusement parks or water parks, or recreational activities like day camps, horseback riding, go-karting, bounce houses, mini golf, and more, the risk is real. Though fun, these scenarios lend themselves to accidents and incidents that could require paying out for medical interventions, lawsuits, and other costly scenarios. Insurance for the amusement and recreation industry helps ensure that your clients are protected against risk.

When it comes to amusement and recreation, customers and employees all face some risk. There are also risks to the business itself if equipment or facilities are damaged or otherwise out of commission. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System estimated there were 30,000 amusement park injuries in 2016 alone. That’s only amusement and theme parks. When you add in the potential for injuries at water parks, sporting and recreation facilities, and other activities that fall under this umbrella, you are looking at a lot of potential for accidents.

Why Offer Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry?

While the amusement and recreation industry may be risky, it’s also lucrative for a lot of business owners and operators. People will always want to have fun and that’s what the amusement and recreation industry provides, risky or not.

The potential risk of amusement and recreation won’t stop people from enjoying these activities. Nor should it stop your clients from owning or operating such businesses. The key to success lies in insurance for the amusement and recreation industry.

General liability insurance may not be enough for your clients, especially as amusement and recreation activities get riskier. An intense water slide may pose more risk than a shallow, lazy river, for example, so different amusement and recreation activities carry different levels of risk. Insurance for the amusement and recreation industry is specifically targeted at filling in the gaps left behind by insurance that doesn’t cover this level of risk. As an insurance producer, you may be able to ensure that your clients are fully covered by getting in touch with us.

The Benefits of Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry for Producers

Producers offering basic liability insurance are a dime a dozen. No matter how hard you work or how well-honed your services and expertise may be, it can be challenging to stand out in this kind of atmosphere. If all you have to offer is what everyone else offers, clients have their pick of anyone, based on price, proximity, and other value propositions you can’t really do much about. However, by offering insurance for the amusement and recreation industry as part of what you do, you will immediately gain a competitive edge.

Ask any of your clients who are involved in riskier careers or activities: it’s hard to find insurance when you’re considered high risk. But, as an insurance producer working with Prime Insurance Company, you can solve that problem for your clients and anyone else still looking for insurance for their amusement and recreation industry needs.

By making this line available to the people you serve, you are giving them reassurance in the face of even more costly incidents and issues stemming from the risk of amusement and recreation. If you can offer this type of insurance, you are likely to find clients eager to partake, knowing that being uninsured is a terrible situation.

Having insurance for the amusement and recreation industry also makes your clients more compelling to their own customer base. While people certainly enjoy the thrills of amusement and recreation, they are far more likely to enjoy that fun with a company that understands risk and why it’s important to have insurance. Insured amusement and recreation providers are illustrating that they take safety and risk seriously.

Satisfying your Clients’ Needs with Prime Insurance Company

There are certainly people out there looking for this kind of coverage. How can you, as a producer, make sure that your clients are getting the insurance they need? It’s as easy as partnering with Prime Insurance Company.

We are highly experienced in underwriting risks that other carriers will not cover. That means that you can leverage our services to write more business for yourself, expanding your offerings and ensuring that your clients get the coverage they want and need. You will have no reason to go to anyone else when you partner with Prime Insurance Company and you benefit from our producer-friendly partnership approach.

We tailor coverage to each producer, their client, and their specific challenges. In this way, we make sure that everyone has what they need to succeed. We work quickly, aiming to have a quote to you as soon as possible. If there is a claim resulting from your client’s insurance for the amusement and recreation industry, we work just as fast to move it along and get a fair result for a fair claim.

With Prime Insurance Company as your insurance carrier and your own talents as a producer, offering this specialty insurance is a great way to build on what you do. It offers you the opportunity to reach more people with something they really need.

Get in Touch and Stay in Touch with Prime Insurance Company

We are happy to talk to you about the ins and outs of working with Prime Insurance Company, so you can learn more about what kinds of risks we cover and how you can use that to service your clients, write more business, and gain a competitive edge in your local insurance field.

One main thing to know about Prime Insurance Company is that we aim to make insurance accessible and convenient for everyone. That extends to our insurance for the recreation and amusement industry.

Get a quote easily by filling out our general application or contact us by calling 800-257-5590 or emailing info@primeis.com. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to keep up to date on what Prime is doing for its producers.

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