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Hurricane Season is Underway


Hurricane season can be a nerve-racking time; knowing that your home is in the path of a natural disaster, can be terrifying. Fortunately, technology these days allow us to be forewarned of a hurricane and ultimately prepared if one occurs. The following are major steps any family should take in the likelihood a hurricane should occur.


-Follow evacuation orders set by the local officials

-Build an emergency kit: radio, flashlight, batteries, rubber gloves, matches, first aid, blanket, bottled water, snacks, medication, vital documents, etc…

-Know your surroundings and create a family evacuation route: pet safety, medical needs, route to local shelters, etc…

-Tighten and seal up windows, doors, and garage

-Unplug appliances and turn off propane tank

-Fill vehicle full with gas

-Consider building a safe room


-Return home only when officials announce that it is safe to do so

-Inspect your home and street carefully for any damage that may have occurred

-Listen to the news and radio for updates

-Stay alert for subsequent rainfall or flooding

-Stay away from loose or dangling power lines

-Only drive if completely necessary and stay away from flooded areas, bridges, or wrecked streets

-Avoid tap water until determined clean and safe

-Watch your kids and pets carefully and keep them within a line of site

Hurricane season is under full swing. These scary situations can happen quickly, so it is important to make sure you are fully prepared. Additionally, make sure you have the proper homeowners coverage in the likelihood this natural disaster does happen in your neighborhood.

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