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Help Your Clients Get the Right Coverage for Hurricane Harvey Reconstruction

All estimates point to the clean-up and restoration of Houston taking months. Hurricane Harvey rained down more than 50 inches of water across wide regions of southeastern Texas, and a lot of homes were destroyed. That means homeowners, commercial property owners, and the cities themselves are eager to get rebuilding underway, but there’s a lot of flooded wreckage and not a lot of trust for unknown contractors.

One of the best ways for your contractor clients to get business repairing and reconstructing Houston is to get onto insurance companies’ list of trusted contractors. Provided they meet the requirements regarding certifications and commercial insurance coverage, they can be a shortlist of artisan contractors the larger companies turn to.

What does this mean for you as their insurance provider?

By no means should you need to act as a business advisor, but knowing the requirements and helping your clients figure out a quick route through the paperwork is good for your business, too. Here’s what you can do:

  • Find the insurance requirements that major home insurance companies demand. If you have a list of what additions your client can make to their plans ready, then they’re more likely to increase their rates for the increase in business.
  • Anticipate your clients’ questions. Approval requirements are rarely simple, even during the current emergency. Preparing responses about the programs and insurance questions will save you a lot of time later and can even get you new clients through word of mouth.


Major companies and contracts require higher insurance coverages than the minimum requirements for working within a state or region. Go to Prime Insurance Company to find the excess coverage your clients will need.

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