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Trucking Companies that Allow Pets

Finding an Insurance Niche with Trucking Companies that Allow Pets

For long haul truckers, loneliness is a hazard. Drivers are out on the road for days on end, handling stressful situations. Truck drivers are amongst the workers at highest risk for work-related suicide, working under circumstances that, according to research, contribute to loneliness, depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, and emotional problems. That’s why many truckers are looking to work for trucking companies that allow pets. Man’s best friend is a boon on the road, offering companionship and fun.

Trucking companies, truckers, and health professionals alike are working to find ways to alleviate loneliness and stress. A happy, healthy driver is a safer driver with a better quality of life. Having a familiar face can help combat isolation, but it’s often tricky to find a passenger with the time and inclination to join truckers for road trips. Make way for trucking companies that allow pets.

A groundbreaking legal decision sets a precedent for the use of support animals on the job. A trucking company was found in violation of the law by disallowing a trucking applicant to continue through the hiring process as the applicant used a service dog.

For trucking companies considering allowing pets, or those that are working with applicants using service animals, liability can be a concern. Insurance is already vital in the trucking industry, protecting against liability and damage. Allowing pets adds one more potential risk. As an insurance producer with trucking clients or a trucking company looking to allow pets, securing the right insurance is key.

Insuring Trucking Companies That Allow Pets

If you are an insurance producer looking for a niche that will expand your business, consider writing insurance for trucking companies that allow pets. It is an area that is in demand, as truckers and trucking companies work to find ways to improve the work environment and attract and retain employees.

Your trucking company clients may have questions about risk and safety, which we can help answer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not set out any rules about trucking with pets so long as safety remains at the forefront. Some minor damage risk can be covered through a pet deposit or pay adjustment, and with restrictions on where a pet is allowed to be within the vehicle. Documentation of vaccines and other health certificates are recommended.

As for the insurance itself, the main concern is determining liability. Usually, trucking companies want to keep responsibility for the pet’s life and safety in the hands of the driver. Other liability concerns may include extensive damage to the vehicle, injury to clients or damage to their property, and any damage or injury the pet causes while on the road, such as at a truck stop. Talk to us about what we offer to trucking companies that allow pets to explore liability and how a company can set up its pet policy for best results.

Some insurance companies avoid allowing dogs deemed dangerous or aggressive, such as Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. Prime Insurance Company will provide coverage for trucking companies that allow pets and include these breeds, which can make a trucking company’s pet policy more attractive to prospective drivers.

Benefits for Trucking Companies That Allow Pets

The trucking industry has long faced a shortage of drivers, compounded by an aging employee population. To continue to exist, truck companies need to find ways to bring in new, younger employees who are willing to do the hard work of trucking.

Here’s a key fact: the millennial population is now the primary pet-owning demographic. Pet-friendly workplaces are in high demand. While people envision a dog on the job being in an office environment, trucking companies that allow pets can keep employees of all demographics in good spirits on the road. Many trucking forums and websites keep lists of companies that let dogs on board. It’s a decision that can have a significant positive impact. With the right insurance, the risk is mitigated or managed enough to make it worthwhile.

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