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Failed vs. Flawless: How to Ensure a Claim Goes Well

You soared above the clouds in a hot air balloon and came to a crashing halt. One of your passengers injured his knees, not to mention his sense of adventure. You’re teaching yoga and a student twists and turns an ankle and can barely walk. Or you’re instructing a wannabe pilot who hits the runway a bit too hard. They file a claim against you and you hope for the best. After all, you’ve got specialty insurance.

But what if you’re with “No Name Insurance” who sounded reliable. You thought you were good to go but were you? When a claim is filed, this is where the rubber hits the road. Now is when you find out who’s really got your back. According to FindLaw, “…the insurer has certain obligations to the insured and has a duty to act with good faith in handling that claim.” But what if the claim is botched or not handled in good faith?

What if the insurance company misrepresents facts or simply doesn’t respond to letters, emails or calls about claims within a reasonable time? Or they fail to follow standards for prompt investigation and claims processing? What if they don’t reach a fair settlement where liability is clear? Or they tell you that you have to reach deep into your pockets despite the fact that the settlement was within policy limits? Unfortunately, this happens more than you’d expect. Fortunately, you have recourse. FindLaw states that “If an insurance company acts in bad faith or engages in conduct that constitutes an unfair settlement practice, the insured can bring a lawsuit against the insurance company.”*

Of course, you don’t want to have to resort to a lawsuit; you’d prefer to be insured with a reliable insurance company like Prime Insurance Company, who always has your best interests in mind. Prime Insurance is a leading provider of innovative liability solutions for specialty, excess and surplus (E&S) lines risks.

We bring over 40 years of experience to underwriting, risk management all risk levels of excess and surplus lines.

Prime Insurance provides fast, flexible underwriting to specialty liability, professional, and property & casualty insurance coverage. We have a proven partnership approach to underwriting, risk management and claims, which makes us one of the most recognizable, memorable and preferred carriers of specialty insurance.

Fact is, Prime Insurance Company handles claims flawlessly — always in good faith, always efficiently and fairly, so you can rest assured that we always have your back.
*FindLaw, http://corporate.findlaw.com/corporate-governance/obligations-of-insurance-companies-when-handling-claims.html    


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