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Entertainer Liabilities: How Insurance Producers Can Protect Clients

Did you know that many entertainers and people who go to see them sustain severe injuries at events? When this happens, many people send the artists lawsuits for compensation.

Performers in all sectors of entertainment face many risks without proper insurance. How entertainers can help protect themselves from liability? Please continue reading below to learn more.

This brief article will cover what you need to know about offering entertainment insurance to your clients and why they need it. We also provide information about producing entertainment insurance.

How Entertainers Can Help Protect Themselves From Liability?

Entertainment insurance is a personalized insurance plan that protects those who work in the entertainment industry.

Your clients deal with many people while on set or the road, so they need to ensure they have adequate insurance to cover them from lawsuits after an accident. This type of insurance is best for entertainers, performers, and event planners.

Additional excellent candidates for entertainment insurance:

  • Post-production agencies
  • Broadcasters
  • Film producers
  • Film directors
  • Equipment rental businesses
  • Videographers
  • Photographers

Anyone in the entertainment industry knows about the risks of injuries on set or other types of disasters that can happen while at work. Even though production teams do their best to keep the environment as safe as possible, there is still the risk of someone getting hurt while on set.

Entertainment Industry Risks

Whenever an entertainer performs in a big crowd, there is always the risk that someone may get hurt. People try to escape the area if there is a sudden emergency such as a fire, power outage, or active shooter.

This can cause others to get severely injured or trampled on. For example, in 2021, nine people died after the crowd rushed the stage at Astroworld. Many people sued the entertainer for those deaths, forcing him to pay out of pocket for injuries and funeral costs.

As an entertainer, it is vital to have enough coverage to pay for an incident like this. Reminding your clients of the safety and risks of performing for huge crowds is essential.

Active Shooters

Active shootings can happen at any time. For example, in 2017, thousands gathered for the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas.

As the entertainers put on a show, a man named Stephen Paddock opened fire and killed 58 people. More than 500 people were hurt as a result of the incident.

Many people sued the gunman, whereas others sued the entertainers of the show and the festival. When your event has an event like this, your entertainers will be scrambling to figure out how to handle the lawsuits that may come their way.


The increased use of pyro-machines, bright hot lights, sparklers, fireworks, and other explosive effects increase the excitement and entice the group comes the hazard of fires and other possible accidents.

Big-time artists like Rihanna use bright lights to spotlight the crowd and give the entertainer that perfect glow. Unfortunately, in one of her concerts in Dallas, one of her bright lights caught fire, causing the stage to catch fire.

Although the situation was handled and no one was hurt from trying to escape the area, the situation could have been worse. In these types of incidents, personal injury victims will turn to the artist for compensation.

Power Outage

When the power goes out, some people panic and run, while others may have severe health conditions that make them pass out in times of stress. When your entertainer has an event with microphones, speakers, and dozens of lights present, there is a chance for a power outage.

Even more so, there is a chance that a spark could cause a fire. It is best to ensure that your clients have enough insurance to pay for any lawsuits from a power outage accident.

What Does Entertainment Insurance Cover?

Since entertainment insurance is a collection of coverage, a few different policies are at play. For example, your clients should opt for general liability insurance to protect them from bodily injury or property damage claims.

As mentioned earlier, slipping and falling are risks while on set. If someone slips and falls and there is no posted sign warning of the hazard, that person may sue your client for damages.

Even more so, if your client rents equipment to shoot their production and accidentally damages the equipment, they’ll need insurance to help cover that hefty bill.

Errors and Omissions

No one is perfect, and entertainers always make mistakes when doing their job.

While on set, an entertainer could be accused of the alleged assault, wrongful acts, or not performing their service as they were asked to. Having errors and omissions coverages gives your insured the peace of mind of knowing they have coverage if they make an error when conducting business.

Commercial Auto

Most entertainment companies own business vehicles and use them to deliver equipment or transport performers to and from the set. Any time these vehicles are on the road, they are at risk of getting into an accident.

Commercial auto insurance is vital for any entertainment business because it covers any physical damage to the vehicle, other property or vehicles, and any third-party injuries. Commercial auto insurance is also a requirement in all states.

Commercial Property Insurance

In addition to covering your client’s business vehicles, it is best to suggest coverage for business property and assets. Commercial property insurance provides your clients with the peace of mind of knowing their property has protection against fire, theft, vandalism, and more.

Partnering With a Reputable Insurance Company

As a producer, you want to ensure you partner with a reputable insurance company that carries the coverage your clients need and is dependable.

It is vital to choose a company that minimizes your policyholder’s exposure. As a producer, you will feel more confident knowing that the coverage you provide through a company like us here at Prime serves your client’s best interests.

Why Choose Prime

Here at Prime, we can provide your clients with affordable policy premiums. We also have an excellent financial status, meaning that we can cover any claims and meet the needs of our policyholders. You know you’re working with a reputable company when you work with us.

Learn More About How Entertainers Can Help Protect Themselves From Liability

As more and more people enter the entertainment industry, there is a demand for entertainment insurance. How entertainers can help protect themselves from liability?

They can protect themselves by customizing their entertainment insurance policy to best meet their and the organization’s needs. To learn more about entertainment insurance or to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer any questions or concerns about entertainment insurance.

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