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Checking the Essentials Before Buying a House


In the market for a new house? Make sure you don’t say yes to a nightmare. Here are some things to look for before you buy your dream house.

Take a close look at the roof. Does it look like it has been recently renovated or does it look like it hasn’t been worked on for decades? If the roof looks like it needs a lot of work, it will probably cost you.

Examine the ceiling, walls, and floors. Is there any noticeable water damage? Make sure to take note. Check for cracks in the walls, floors and ceiling, too. Listen carefully as you walk for squeaky noises and pay attention to if the floor feels squishy.

Take note of the temperature of the house. If the house looks old, it probably is. Make sure to look at the furnace and see if it is new or old. If it is old, beware that your utility bills will most likely be up the wall.

Don’t forget to check out the plumbing! Examine the plumbing systems in the bathroom and the kitchen and look for any possible leaks. If you notice water stains or squishy floors, chances are the plumbing is probably in poor shape. Turn on every faucet, including the shower, to determine the water pressure. Last, but not least, check for mold. Mold can cause major health problems.

Pay close attention to the electrical. Make sure you find out where the fuse box or main breaker is. You will want this to be easily accessible. Also, see if there are any loose wires throughout the house and pay attention to the outlets.

Make sure your smelling senses are turned on. Do you smell gas, sewage, or anything odd? Chances are that is not a good sign.

Check out the home’s surroundings. It is important to notice where the home is located. Are there chances of flooding? Wildfires? Landslide? Does the driveway share with your neighbors? Is there a proper fence dividing properties? It’s a lot, but it’s important.

Know your dealbreakers. What is it that is a must-have in your new home? A big kitchen? A backyard? A garage? Are you planning on having kids? Should you get an extra bedroom? Make sure you find out what you must have and don’t steer away from your wishes.

Get the home inspected. Before you make any deal, you must get the home inspected. Home inspectors can do much more than what your eyes, ears, nose and hands can do. It is worth it.

Before you put a down payment on your next home, these are some extremely important things to look for. Home buying can be fun, but it can also be stressful. We hope that we are able to steer you in the right direction.


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