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7 uses for golf carts other than golf

7 Uses for Golf Carts Other Than Golf

Have you noticed an uptick in insurance requests related to golf cart usage? Globally, the golf cart market is predicted to exceed an astonishing $2.5 billion by 2028—with a healthy CAGR of 6 percent.

Of course, there are many uses for golf carts outside of getting around a golf course. And this versatility is what counts for their high sales. It’s hardly surprising, then, that your clients are seeking golf cart insurance options.

Read on for our list of the seven reasons your clients might want to buy a golf cart (and insure it), with some golf cart safety tips sprinkled in for good measure.

1. Event Transport

No matter the event, you need to move people, equipment, and goods from A to B—whether it’s a fairground, concert, or market. And a sturdy, efficient, reliable golf cart is the way to do it.

They’re perfect for transporting luxury guests to their private viewing boxes or assisting differently-abled people or older adults who struggle with walking long distances. They can also help vendors transport products or food and beverages from the delivery entrance to their booths or tents further into the venue.

And, of course, golf carts are the optimal transport option for security patrols or emergency services.

2. Outdoor Adventure

When you think of outdoor adventure activities, your mind likely wanders to ATVs. However, an ATV is far from comfortable and is designed for action rather than practicality.

Campgrounds, regional, state, and national parks, and other outdoor recreation areas can all benefit from a fleet of golf carts.

They’re covered, so people can use them to get around in rainy weather. They also offer a way for people to experience wildlife from afar at sensitive or protected nature sites. Fishing and hunting lodges can use them to transport guests to remote rivers or hunting grounds. Even mountain bike parks could benefit from golf carts—just add a bike rack.

Opt for environmentally friendly electric golf carts to really boost your eco credentials!

3. Airports

Given the nature of the domestic and international airline industry, airports are perpetually busy. Staff and customers move themselves and all kinds of items from point A to point B—often frantically.

Golf carts can help alleviate stress and keep things running smoothly.

Airport management can use golf carts to:

  • Move cargo and luggage
  • Assist people with disabilities
  • Transport ground crew across long distances quickly
  • Get airline staff to their boarding gates
  • Help shop staff pick up product deliveries
  • Aid restocks for airline business lounges

If transporting people, opt for larger shuttle-style golf carts, which can set dozens of people at one time.

4. Warehouse Transport

If your client has a small warehouse, they might consider using golf carts instead of forklifts. Workers can use these carts to move quickly between shelves and even different warehouse buildings as they restock items or pull products for shipping.

As a bonus, no special licenses are necessary!

Because golf carts are smaller, lighter, and more agile than a hefty forklift or other heavy transport machinery, they can help reduce dangerous incidents. However, they must be serviced regularly to ensure they always perform at their peak.

And, of course, they’ll still need to continue to use warehouse transport best practices like delineating dedicated transport lanes, conducting site-specific training, and providing workers with safety gear.

5. Community Vehicle

If your client is a property manager of a private residential estate or manager of a retirement village, they are well placed to benefit from a new golf cart fleet.

Carts can help less mobile residents better access facilities on the grounds, like stores, gyms, swimming pools, and recreational centers. Staff can also take advantage of on-site golf carts, for example, reaching residents faster in a health emergency.

In some cases, even town planners are embracing the benefits of golf carts and designating certain roads “golf cart friendly” to offer greater accessibility to residents who can no longer drive.

6. On a Resort

Resorts typically span an enormous parcel of land. If there are no transport options, it can be inefficient and frustrating for guests and staff to get around.

Uses for golf carts on a resort include:

  • Luggage transportation
  • General transport for staff and guests
  • Maintenance of the grounds and indoor property
  • Laundry pick up and drop off
  • Guest rental

Just be sure to do your due diligence, assess your risks, and purchase the best golf cart on the market. If your client is running a five-star resort, their customers expect reliable, luxurious transport options.

7. Universities and Large Corporate Campuses

Extensive campuses without clever transport options are highly inefficient. Students miss lectures, potentially harming their final grades. Staff members turn up halfway through meetings, awkwardly excusing themselves as they try to sneak in.

This inefficiency can lead to everything from poor class attendance to lost productivity.

Yet, there’s a simple fix. With a fleet of golf carts at their disposal, students or staff could drive a golf cart to quickly reach any part of the campus. Plus, covered carts will help them travel more comfortably across long distances, even if the weather is terrible.

Every Business Can Find Uses for Golf Carts

Ultimately, when it comes to uses for golf carts, you’re only limited by your imagination. These vehicles are all-terrain, compact, highly customizable, and surprisingly powerful. This means your clients can find a golf cart specialized to their business needs.

Think about all they can do for you—from moving workers around a farm or customers around a farmer’s market to taking the place of a cumbersome, expensive forklift in a warehouse setting.

Prime Insurance Company is proud to be a leader in excess and surplus lines insurance, providing coverage for many who would otherwise be forced to go uninsured or self-insure their risk. We write golf cart insurance and provide customized coverage tailored to your needs.

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