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6 safety tips for water sports rental companies

6 Safety Tips for Water Sports Rental Companies

Enjoying time on the water is a great way to spend the hot summer months. But every year there are more than 600 deaths that result from participating in water sports. It’s important to find the balance between having fun on the water and still staying safe to avoid injury.

It’s especially important for safety to be the priority for water rental businesses. As an insurance producer, you can share these safety tips with your clients to help them feel confident in operating their water sports rental business.

Follow these safety tips for water sports rental companies to make sure everyone has the best time on the water all summer long!

Create a Safety Checklist

Safety is a huge endeavor. There are so many aspects that need to be covered in order to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. This is why it’s so helpful to create a rental boat safety checklist.

A checklist like this can help make sure that the rental company conveys everything they need to the customer without missing any steps. There won’t be any worry that you’ve gone too quickly or forgotten a crucial piece of information. It’s also helpful to provide the checklist in physical form to ensure that it stays at the top of everyone’s mind.

The list can include items that the renter is responsible for, areas that are covered by the rental company, and procedures to follow while using the equipment. It can also give a basic outline for what to do in case something does go wrong.

Provide Thorough Training

Along with that, it’s good practice for a rental company to assume their renters don’t know anything about using this type of equipment and need thorough training.

Each renter should have to go through an educational session where they learn all of the water sports safety tips. No detail is too small to go over. The more information the renter has, the better prepared they’ll be to operate the equipment and spend time on the water safely.

The training should also help renters understand the best way to take care of the equipment so they don’t run into mechanical problems as well.

Offer All Safety Gear

The most important thing a water sport or boat rental business can do is to be sure to provide all of the safety gear people will need.

It can be tempting to only focus on the equipment itself and leave the safety gear up to the renters but this can lead to serious issues and dangerous conditions. Most renters won’t have access to all the gear they may need and may become negligent as a result.

To start building up their inventory, it’s helpful to start with having a large variety and quantity of lifejackets on hand. Every person who is participating in any water sport should be wearing a lifejacket, no matter their skill level. Even providing this type of gear can make a big difference in the safety of the customers as they enjoy the water.

Keep Equipment Well-Maintained

While a water sports rental company won’t have control over everything their renters do while on the water. They can ensure that the equipment is well-maintained to help prevent accidents caused by mechanical issues.

Every vehicle should have regular, routine maintenance including oil changes, fluid top-offs, and part changes. They should each receive a regular inspection so they can be sure everything is functioning how it’s supposed to. When a vehicle starts to experience problems, it should be taken out of rotation; even if it’s a seemingly small issue.

The cleaner the rental company can keep their vehicles, the fewer problems their customers are going to have. That means everyone can just have an enjoyable time on the water!

Cultivate a Culture of Safety

Sometimes safety can get a bad reputation. Especially for kids and teenagers who think the rules are in place just to limit the amount of fun they can have on the water. It can be difficult to get everyone on the same page and willing to participate in the set rules.

A great way to combat that is to promote a future of safety within the area and with the customers. Making sure customers see how the rules are in place to keep everyone having the best time possible is a great way to make sure they are followed. It’s helpful to be sure all of the employees of the rental business understand the safety protocols and follow them themselves to set a good example.

As safety practices become more common, it’s easier for others to follow them as well.

Have Water Sport Insurance

A water sports rental company should not only focus on the safety of their customers who are using the equipment, but also on the safety of their business as well. Insurance is the best way to make sure the business will be able to handle anything that comes up.

Water sports insurance helps cover businesses in the case of an accident, incident, or lawsuit.

The extra necessary coverage means they may have a difficult time finding the right company to write the policy. Luckily, Prime Insurance Company writes water sports insurance for rental companies and other businesses and individuals in the water sports industry as well. Every business should have full coverage business no matter how low or high their risks may be.

Safety Tips for Water Sports Rental Companies

Helping your client implement these safety tips for water sports rental companies can help everyone be as successful as possible. But there are times when accidents will still happen and it’s crucial to be sure every aspect of the business has the proper amount of insurance coverage.

Getting set up with the right insurance policy should be a top priority for every business before they open up. It’s your job to make sure they have the right policy in place.

If you want to learn more about what policies we can help you write and grow your book of business, contact us today!

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