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5 tips for competitive events

5 Tips for Competitive Events

In 2020, there were over 200,000 preventable injury-related deaths. That means 200,000 people died in an instance that could have been prevented.

But how?

Some of these deaths happened at special events around the country. If the event did not have the right preparation, it put human lives in danger – hence, the statistic above.

As an insurance producer, here are a few tips for competitive events that you can share with your competitive event managers.

1. Take Account of Potential Harmful Areas and Objects

Depending on the type of event, there will be areas that your client may need to look out for that could cause potential danger. These areas should have proper safety measurements around (like caution tape) or be blocked from attendees.

Here are a few examples of areas to consider, depending on the event.

Golf Tournaments

If your client is putting on a golf tournament, having spectators wander about without any parameters is not the safest move for anyone.

Instead, you should scout out the areas that will most likely have a golf ball fly into them, like around greens or about 250 yards up the fairway. Rope off areas where people should not walk.


At a motocross event, there is a potential danger for participants and spectators. Spectators should be far enough away from the motorcycles in case they lose control.

Also, motorcyclists should have certain requirements that keep them safe (i.e., a helmet requirement and specific clothing and gear).

2. Consider the Necessary Safety Measures

At any special events, some type of safety measures should be in place to reduce the danger presented. These safety measures are meant to keep participants and spectators safe at competitive events.

Put Rules in Place

There are many events that have safety rules in place.

For instance, if there are fireworks at an event celebrating something, having a rule that spectators cannot be closer than a certain number of feet to where the fireworks are being shot off will help keep more people safe.

On a completely different note, another safety measure to consider is if there will be alcohol and minors at an event. There should be rules and safety measures put into place to keep minors away from this area (or out of the area where the alcohol is in entirely). If they are allowed in the area, asking for an ID is a good idea.

Provide Safety Gear

If the special event being discussed is an amateur sports event or something of the sort, requiring safety gear is one way to keep participants safe.

To make this easier for the participants to abide by, the competitive event manager could provide the safety gear.

3. Participants Should Sign Waivers

In order to protect yourself and let the participants know what they are getting into, having a liability waiver is a smart thing to do. As an insurance producer, you should have the knowledge to put the information into a waiver for participants. If you do not, you can talk to an attorney to help you create one.

Participants know the risks associated with the event, and when they sign the waiver, it can help your client in case anything happens to someone at their event.

This may reduce the likelihood that your client gets sued for liability if something were to happen.

4. Prepare for the Big Day

We’ve all been there when things don’t go according to plan. And most likely, a special event or competitive event won’t always go to plan, either.

In this case, your client has to consider what could potentially go wrong, and the measures they will take in case this does happen. These measures could mean the difference between life and death.

Here are a few questions to consider for the day of the event:

  • Should an ambulance be at the event?
  • Is there a medical tent?
  • Are there hydration stations around to reduce the risk of dehydration at the event?
  • Is there an emergency exit present and easy to find?

By asking these questions beforehand, it is easier to avoid any potential disasters and unnecessary injuries or deaths by participants or spectators at the event. You’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

5. Have Custom Liability Insurance for the Event

Since not all special events are created the same, having the ability to get custom liability insurance is a must!

At the moment, many event managers who put on special events or competitive events have the minimum amount of insurance coverage they need, some of which won’t cover every aspect of the event. This puts the individual or business in danger of losing everything.

With custom liability insurance, there is a way to make sure all aspects of an event are covered, whether it is a professional sporting event, a water event, or a special event.

Pay Attention to These Tips for Competitive Events for Safety

With the knowledge that there are so many unnecessary deaths each year at special events, you should make sure your client follows these tips for competitive events as best as they can to ensure their safety.

This can drastically reduce accidental deaths from happening at events and will also reduce financial burdens and stress on individuals or businesses presenting the event.

As an insurance provider, you’ll want to ensure you are able to offer everything your client who is putting on the event may need.


To learn more or get a quote, check out our special services at Prime Insurance Company. Or you can contact us at 800-257-5590 or email us at info@primeis.com.

Last updated 8/23/22


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