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Safety Tips for Auto Repair Garages Making It Safer for Everyone

Safety Tips for Auto Repair Garages: Making It Safer for Everyone

Statistics show that the auto mechanic industry has grown by 1.3% each year on average. While it’s estimated that there are 283,315 mechanic businesses in the US currently.

Many safety concerns can come up in this kind of industry, thus, safety tips for auto repair garages can be very useful for many reasons.

Top Safety Tips for Auto Repair Garages

Keep reading to find out more about these safety tips for auto repair garages.

Install Cameras

One of the best safety tips for auto repair garages is to install surveillance cameras. This is something that every business should consider doing for general safety.

Basic surveillance cameras are going to be a small investment when it comes to better safety. Cameras will help to document everything that goes on in the garage.

This can be very useful in the case of theft or injuries in the workplace. A business will protect itself by having something to look back on to clarify what happened in that situation.

Cameras deter criminals and help to create a more efficient workplace. Employees will be motivated to do their job, and if there are any concerns, there will be footage that can be studied.

Keep the Space Safe

An auto mechanic should go to great lengths to keep their garage clean and safe. There are many injuries that can occur if this type of business does not consider this.

An auto repair shop poses a lot of risks between equipment and accidents that can occur. Slipping is a common issue if the floors are not kept clean of grease and motor oil.

The general area should be clean and open so that employees and customers can move around without issue. They should clean the garage daily when employees will not be working.

Small steps can have a great improvement on the safety of this space. Many businesses failed to realize this and could end up being liable for preventable accidents.

Have Fire Prevention

A basic safety precaution for repair garages is fire prevention. There is always a risk of a fire occurring that could cause property damage and fatalities.

A fire can occur out of the blue and cause massive damage to any business. But an auto repair garage has more specific fire concerns due to the nature of the work.

Different chemicals and oils are used in these garages that could potentially be flammable. These businesses need to be equipped with plenty of fire prevention in the case of a fire breaking out.

This could include things like fire extinguishers being in all of the rooms or sections of the business. Fire alarms should also be installed and regularly checked to make sure they are functional.

Have Protective Gear

An auto repair shop should always strive to keep its employees safe. Employees should be provided with everything that they need to do their job with less risk.

One way to do this is to provide protective gear. Protective gear should be available for when employees are doing more hazardous work in the garage.

This gear should include shielding uniforms for when they are working with chemicals or flames. Ear protection should be available for everyone to prevent hearing loss over time.

Thick gloves and goggles should also be handy for added protection. These types of equipment should be easily accessible to everyone working in the garage.

Employees should also have the right training to do their job safely. The best way to do this is to have an employee training program in place that focuses on safety precautions.

This program should teach employees how to best do their job in a safe manner. As well as addressing how they should react in the instance of a hazardous situation occurring.

Have Equipment Inspections

Automotive parts can be hazardous in and of themselves. Mechanics and technicians will often be working with dangerous tools.

They will often be lifting heavy objects, working with sharp tools, or working with power tools. All of these things pose safety risks and concerns for the business.

To avoid being potentially held liable, the business should always inspect the equipment. Equipment can be faulty, damaged, or stop working at any time.

If this happens, that equipment is going to be dangerous for employees to work with. This danger can be entirely avoided by inspecting equipment to make sure everything is working safely.

Get Insurance Coverage

One of the most important safety tips for auto repair garages is to get coverage. They should have insurance to cover any accidents or damage that could occur.

One of the best options is to get custom coverage for their business. Every auto repair shop is going to require different things, so this is the best way to cover all of their bases.

Auto repair garage insurance will help to protect the business from being potentially held liable in the future. Repair garages come with many safety concerns, and they want to make sure they are covered properly.

Important Safety Tips for Auto Repair Garages

There are many safety tips for auto repair garages that can come in handy. This is an industry that has many safety concerns that need to be addressed. As an insurance producer, it’s important to share this with your clients. They can follow all the best practices but accidents and incidents can still occur. It’s best to have customized insurance coverage so that the business is not held liable.

Need to find reliable insurance for an auto repair company? To learn more or to get a quote contact us at 800-257-5590 quotes@primeis.com.

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