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Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc. Provides Partnership Approach to the Kentucky Commercial Auto Market

Chicago, IL – January 23, 2019 – Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc. (“PPCI”) has announced its debut into the Kentucky commercial auto market as an admitted carrier specializing in insurance solutions for distressed and substandard risks.  With PPCI, producers now have an insurance company to write commercial auto risks and expand their book of business. PPCI offers the capacity to insure any commercial auto risk class with adverse account experiences such as unsatisfactory loss experience, poor driving records or lack of insurance history. PPCI’s partnership approach, based on customized underwriting, extraordinary claims handling and risk management, produces outstanding results for producers and insureds. 

Among these are many commercial auto owners, employers and operators who need to insure their vehicles and drivers and are having tremendous difficulty obtaining insurance due to imperfect histories or atypical business arrangements. “Producers have been frustrated by their inability to meet the needs of clients about offering a market for difficult risks to the commercial auto marketplace. “PPCI provides exactly that market,” said Rick J. Lindsey, President and CEO of PPCI. Unlike other insurance providers, PPCI delivers coverage solutions to the entire spectrum of commercial auto risk classes including trucking, taxi cabs, towing, waste hauling and paratransit operations despite circumstances like adverse loss experiences, poor SAFER scores, hazardous cargo, prior insurance cancelations and more. Producers now have an insurance carrier with the stability, expertise and risk appetite to place their most difficult commercial auto liability risks.

The NAIC data report states that in the period of 2013-2017 Commercial auto incurred losses were $15,519,716 for liability claims and $4,874,748 for physical damage.*  PPCI distinguishes itself by handling claims “in-house” through its Claims Direct Access (“CDA”) service. CDA is committed to thorough and cost-effective resolutions, having successfully resolved over 60,000 property and casualty claims and lawsuits.

Producers will discover that theguiding principal of PPCI is partnership. PPCI emphasizes that building trusted relationships is the foundation for growth and success. A close working collaboration with our partners yields tremendous benefits in advancing the mutual interests of parties involved. For producers, PPCI provides a stable and expansive market to place distressed and specialty commercial auto risks that expand prospects for a broader book of business and increased growth. As a result, individuals and businesses with imperfect histories are given the insurance coverage and support they need. When you find the right partners, a new spectrum of opportunity emerges for generating increased business and satisfied clients. 

Disclaimer: Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc. (“PPCI”) is an admitted insurance company, which is domiciled in Chicago, Illinois and has its principal place of business in Sandy, Utah.  PPCI’s NAIC number is 14371 and is admitted in FL, HI, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MN, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NC, and SC.

For more information please contact: Barbara Malkowski, SVP Marketing and PPCI Board Member,
P: 312-884-5801   E: barbaram@primeis.com 

Source: NAIC Data’s Global Market Intelligence Insurance Information Institute.https://www.iii.org/fact-statistic/facts-statistics-auto-insurance

Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc. (PPCI)
Prime Property & Casualty Insurance Inc. (PPCI) is an admitted carrier for commercial auto insurance that develops solutions for auto owners, employers, and operators who need to insure their vehicles and drivers. PPCI provides flexible, customizable policies for your specialty risks, even when you have been turned down in the past.

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