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prime insurance company partnership approach

Prime Insurance Company’s Prime Partnership Approach

Prime Insurance Company’s Prime Partnership Approach

At Prime Insurance Company, our unique partnership approach provides coverage and peace of mind for hard-to-place risks. Specializing in excess and surplus lines insurance for emerging markets, atypical and singular risks, bankruptcies and more, Prime works closely with agents, potential insureds, and producers on a case-by-case basis to find the perfect coverage solution. With our suite of insurance service companies, our experienced underwriters work to form an advantageous partnership. By considering the insured’s business history, operating practices, risk management methods and loss history, we pair these with our partner producers to offer the most favorable terms and pricing. Our team approach allows us to provide extraordinary coverage options and policy support that is found nowhere else:

  • Our talented in-house underwriting specialists work closely with insureds, producers, and industry professionals to provide quick quotes on customized coverage. And once in place, the policy arrives right away, so insureds can refocus on their business, secure in the knowledge that they are covered.
  • When coverage is in place, our Risk Management Direct (RMD) team welcomes the insured to the company, reviews policy terms and limits and establishes a direct point of contact for risk management concerns. And each insured receives the informative Risk Management Manual. In addition to providing claims reporting forms, the manual outlines general guidelines for claims prevention and provides valuable advice for the development of a risk management protocol.
  • If a claim is filed, the Claims Direct Access (CDA) specialists quickly investigate and adjust claims in-house, focusing on early issue determination. Our expert CDA team works closely with examiners, risk managers, and insurers to provide high-quality efficient claims resolutions, reducing claims handling costs and expenses. When independent adjusters and attorneys are necessary to coordinate claims, our CDA professionals work toward a rapid resolution to control outside expenses.

If you have a unique risk, consider our services or contact us at Prime Insurance Company for more information. We can help you find the customized coverage you need.

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