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Insurance for Explosive Transportation

Know Your Market: Insurance for Explosive Transportation

Know Your Market: Insurance for Explosive Transportation

Transporting explosives is an inherently dangerous activity, which means it calls for airtight insurance. As an insurance producer, you should know that there is a market for clients involved in explosive transportation. Whether they are distributing explosives, doing construction or excavation work that requires explosives, or working in a different application with explosives, these clients need protection with insurance for explosive transportation.

According to the International Fire Chiefs Association, over 600 billion pounds of commercial explosive materials are transported on US highways annually. Further, they add that transportation incidents involving explosives requiring emergency response occur several times a year. The reality is that explosives need to be transported, but doing so is dangerous.

Explosive transportation liability insurance ensures that your clients are properly covered from cargo to equipment to potential property damage. Through partnering with Prime Insurance Company, you can give your clients the best options for specialty liability insurance, even if they have been denied in the past. Where other companies decline risk, we focus on finding innovative insurance solutions, centered on strong risk mitigation practices.

When you work with Prime Insurance Company to provide insurance for explosive transportation, you strengthen your business and add to your markets. We understand the risks of this work. We’re here to help you know the market better so you can write more business.

Safety Tips for Explosive Transportation

One of the key aspects of our insurance approach is reducing the chance for accidents and incidents before they can happen. We are proactive rather than reactive, which is a large part of how we can offer specialty insurance to so many clients. Our expert risk management team looks at best practices and compares that to what potential insureds are doing, using safety tips like those that follow.

When it comes to explosive transportation, the law is a wise place to start. The US Department of Labor and OSHA set out regulations about explosives transport, including the containers in which they are kept and labeling requirements. Potential insureds need to be following these laws and remain in compliance to reduce risk.

When explosives haulers are out of compliance, the risks are apparent. The results can be incredibly costly. In Montana, a trucking company owner faced numerous charges, restitution, and a personal money judgment after violating regulations. The incident resulted in serious injury for several employees after an explosion.

In another case in Georgia, a trucking company faced a lawsuit filed by former workers who alleged unsafe work conditions. The carrier had previously paid the EPA $225,000 in a settlement citing 12 violations and more fines to OSHA.

Alongside regulatory rules, those responsible for transporting hazardous goods must be aware of the safety steps they need to take. A corporate culture of safety ensures that drivers and other handlers know how to secure a load safely. They must also know how to drive safely, avoid distractions, and remain vigilant. A clear plan of action for transporters can avoid further damage or loss if an unwanted incident or accident occurs.

On top of that, it is wise to ensure drivers have escorts during active explosive transportation. While this may or may not be a law, depending on the scenario and location, it will be beneficial, regardless of whether it is mandatory. An escort vehicle that guides vehicles transporting explosives through public areas helps avoid hazards well in advance.

Working with Prime Insurance Company for Explosive Transportation Liability Insurance

Prime takes a partnership approach in helping insurance producers write more business. We work closely with potential insureds, beginning our partnership with a phone call, so we understand their needs. This allows us to create customized specialty liability coverage quickly.

Our in-house underwriting and risk management teams ensure that policyholders are protected. We conduct risk management visits and provide guidance to reduce exposure and mitigate client risks. Producers are encouraged to be a part of this sign-up process throughout, as we understand your role in everyone’s success. Once a client is signed on, we offer dedicated support, including a 24/7 claims hotline and an in-house team of attorneys and adjusters.

As a long-established insurance company, we offer strength and stability. We provide insurance coverage in all 50 states and have an A (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best. An insurance company like none other, we’re proud to provide consistent, quality service. Our lunch and learn series helps producers learn more about Prime Insurance Company and what we do.

Visit our commercial auto insurance information site to learn more about this specific line of coverage. Get started with an online application today. To work with Prime Insurance Company for explosive transportation insurance, please submit a request for a quote online. Please connect with us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also contact us at 877-243-8181 or quotes@primeis.com.

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