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Towing and Repo Insurance

Commercial insurance is becoming more and more varied as the number of small business owners, the need to diversify, and the use of third-party companies and contractors continue to increase. Because there is an increasingly fine line between who’s providing what services in a given business relationship, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your contracting company is specifically and independently covered for any liability concerns and claims. As part of this increased focus on the specific services and liabilities of each actor in a business relationship, targeted coverage elements are becoming more and more specified. It’s critical for a business owner to know specifically what is included in each given part of a total towing and repo insurance package.

What is the limit of garage liability insurance and why does your business need more expansive coverage tailored directly to your services?

Different elements of insurance coverage offer protection in relatively restricted spheres of activity.  For example, garage liability insurance, while a key requirement for dealerships, repossession, and towing garages, and repair shops, covers property damage and injury from the course of operations of an auto garage, not the cars right on the property that belong to other individuals or business entities.

In the course of your business and the varied day-to-day tasks, you and your employees will run into circumstances that require coverage for repossessed vehicles and the potential transportation of other goods, as well as traditional general business liability concerns, coverage for your employees and security personnel, and other gaps that general business liability packages don’t cover. Prime Insurance Company has been helping fill those gaps and ensure that garage, towing, and repossession companies have full coverage for every aspect of the business and can readily respond to any liabilities or claims that can arise.


If you’d like to learn more about why Prime Insurance Company is a preferred provider for garage, towing, and repossession businesses, please contact us here. We’re happy to help you find the right elements of coverage for your unique business’s array of services, requirements, and insurance concerns.

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