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Excess Liability Insurance for Machine Shops

Excess Liability Insurance for Machine Shops

BREAKING NEWS: Insurance carriers have narrowed their capacity to $2.5MM, Excess Liability for machine shops in the gun industry. This is a hardening market, contact Prime today.

In the ever-evolving and complex world of insurance underwriting, it’s essential that we as insurance professionals stay vigilant and informed, especially in niche markets such as those serving the gun industry. Recent shifts have shown a hardening trend in the market, particularly for excess liability insurance where carrier capacities have constricted to $2.5 million for machine shops within this sector.

As an insurance producer, it is crucial to understand these changes and how they impact your ability to offer specialty liability insurance solutions to clients. Amidst this tightening space, the importance of partnering with insurers who possess the willingness and expertise to serve these specialized markets has never been more critical.

The Challenge for Machine Shops in the Gun Industry

Machine shops serving the gun industry are part of a highly scrutinized and regulated space. They require detailed attention and strong risk management due to the hazardous nature of their operations and the potential for legal liabilities. Excess liability coverage acts as a safety net beyond the primary insurance limits, which is vital in an industry where claims can rapidly escalate in severity.

Machine shops are implicated in a range of risks, including:

  • Product liability for components that could fail or cause harm
  • Employee safety risks involving the operation of heavy machinery
  • Environmental exposure related to the handling and disposal of hazardous materials

Given these heightened risks, the reduction in capacity to $2.5 million can leave these businesses vulnerable. Add to that the challenges inherent in the gun industry, such as political pressures and societal concerns, and you have a recipe for a truly tough market.

The Opportunity with Prime Insurance Company

Recognizing the precarious position in which these reductions leave machine shop owners in the gun industry, Prime Insurance Company stands out as a resourceful alternative. Prime’s dedication to addressing unique and challenging risks is reflected in our tailored excess liability solutions, specifically designed for the complexities of this market.

Why Choose Prime for Your Clients

Experience and Specialization: With over 40 years of success, Prime Insurance Company has developed an intrinsic understanding of specialized markets. Our in-depth knowledge extends to the intricacies of insuring machine shops involved in the gun industry, where we are accustomed to managing complex liability risks.

Flexibility and Customization: We acknowledge that no two risks are alike. This is why Prime embraces the need for flexibility in policy creation. By offering customizable policies tailored to the individual needs of each business, we provide greater peace of mind to both you and your clients.

Internal Synergy: At Prime, our teams work collaboratively under one roof, ensuring smooth and consistent services ranging from underwriting to claims handling. By keeping these critical functions in-house, we foster a united approach that yields efficient outcomes for producers and insureds.

Claims Excellence: With a history of handling over 70,000 claims, our expertise is not only in crafting reliable coverage but also in upholding our commitment to fair and prompt claims resolution. Our proactive stance on claims support demonstrates our dedication to serving clients responsibly.

A Committed Partner: Prime believes in building relationships with insureds and insurance producers, akin to partnerships. We engage with every producer and insured before crafting a quote, ensuring a full understanding of their needs and the associated risks.

The Prime Difference in a Hard Market

In a hardened market, it is easy for machine shops in the gun industry to feel unsupported and unprotected. This is where Prime’s mission to turn the word “no” into “yes, we can!” transforms the insurance landscape for these businesses.

By partnering with Prime, insurance producers are equipped to:

  • Expand their portfolios and accept previously unquotable specialty risks
  • Provide clients with steadfast support and fair treatment under all circumstances
  • Offer products that reflect the right coverage at the right time and right price

As producers, you have the opportunity to be the hero for your clients by securing the crucial coverage they need, even in the face of a hardening market. Prime’s robust model and affirmative approach mean they don’t have to navigate these complex waters alone.


As insurance professionals, we stand at the forefront of protecting businesses from the unpredictable shifts in risk. This is particularly true in specialized niches like machine shops in the gun industry, where the current market has shown tightening capacity for excess liability coverage. This makes it all the more vital to lean on insurers like Prime Insurance Company, who not only embrace but specialize in the kind of challenges that others shy away from.

We invite you to reach out to Prime to discover how we can help you grow your business, safeguard your clients, and thrive even in a hard market. Give us a call – we’re ready to say, “Yes, we can.”

For more information on how Prime Insurance Company can assist with your excess liability needs, or to discuss specific risks, contact us today. Let’s work together to ensure that your clients in the machine shops of the gun industry are fully supported with the best coverage options available.

You can also get started with the quote process by going to our manufacturers insurance page and clicking “get a quote”.

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