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Animal Liability Coverage for Towing Companies

Does Your Towing Company Client Have a Dog?

Animal Liability Coverage for Towing Companies

The towing industry is constantly facing insurance insecurity. Many carriers refuse to cover them altogether, while others cover for some of the services they offer and don’t fully cover liability claims. If your insurance company does work with towing and repossession companies, then that can give you access to a large pocket of business. But make sure it’s worth the risk by getting your clients excess coverage in these unusual areas:

  • Animal liability coverage: While repossession companies might be moving towards electronic forms of security, many companies still use a good guard dog to dissuade casual theft and trespassing. But a vigilant guard dog can open the door for claims related to injury and property damage. Make sure your clients are covered fully for animal liabilities.
  • Trucking insurance for their specific towing equipment: Towing companies used different types of vehicles to move repossessed or wrecked cars. The traditional towing hook poses more risks for the towed vehicle, for example, because it puts stress on one part of the car and it’s still vulnerable to accidents during transportation. With flatbed tow trucks, on the other hand, cars are safer and face a lower risk of damage throughout the process. Your client’s coverage should match the potential liabilities of their tools, especially if they have a varied selection of company models.

Towing and repossession companies also need all of the more general damage and liability coverages that all commercial businesses do, and altogether it can seem like towing companies aren’t worth the risk. But with Prime Insurance Company’s excess coverage options, you can evaluate the risks differently.


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