Letter from our President

I am excited to tell you about Prime. I had a vision for the future over 30 years ago when I was just beginning in the insurance industry. Since that time, I am happy to report that my vision has and is becoming a reality with Prime. The full-service model we have developed and implemented at Prime for the excess and surplus lines market allows us to be involved every step of the way with risks we write—from underwriting, through risk management, and into claims.

At Prime, we understand the risks we write and know that careful underwriting followed by attentive risk management helps limit exposure for our insureds and for Prime. In the event of a claim, we also realize each and every claim needs close attention, no matter how small. Our insureds deserve to have their claims handled quickly and efficiently, ensuring that fair claims receive fair payment and that inflated claims don’t simply get paid to avoid the cost of dispute resolution. If necessary, our insureds deserve their “day in court.” Prime may end up paying more for its attention to detail, but in the long run, our customers benefit by being represented by a fair and firm insurer that doesn’t make its customers or itself an easy target for abusers of the insurance system.

Prime’s objective of providing the right product or coverage for the right risk at the right time for the right price while providing the right service to meet the insureds’ needs focuses us on what is really important–meeting the insureds’ needs. We may not always be the cheapest alternative, but we are stable and support our insureds when other alternatives fail. Insureds often leave us for a time, only to return when the alternative markets lose their ability to provide coverage. Time after time we hear, “We should have never left you because Prime has always been there for us.”

Prime is anxious to be of service to you. Give us a call with one of your specialty risks today, and let us tell you, “Yes, we can!”

We at Prime wish you all the best with your business and look forward to being of service.

Very truly yours,

Rick J. Lindsey

Rick J. Lindsey
President, Chairman & CEO