Foster Parent Protection Plan


Foster parenting is a rewarding but challenging process with a unique set of liabilities and risks. Even the most experienced and caring foster parents can get caught in the litigious nature of our society. Indeed incidents, claims, and lawsuits are common occurrences which can put your foster care license, hard earned assets and more at risk. Every responsible foster parent concerned with their financial security and the well-being of their family should seriously consider the protection and benefits provided by the Foster Parent Protection Plan.

The Foster Parent Protection Plan provides customized coverage tailored to the unique needs of foster parents that can include civil and criminal investigation costs, fees and expenses, according to the terms and limits of the policy. The Foster Parent Protection Plan provides hard working and dedicated foster parents with protection and support when it is needed most.

Foster parents should know that attorney fees alone can add up to thousands of dollars and allegations of misconduct and child abuse, even if later determined as unsubstantiated, will have long standing negative consequences that can jeopardize their future. The Foster Parent Protection Plan relieves anxiety and provides peace of mind for foster parents as they love and care for others’ children as their own.

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Child Maltreatment Allegations Found False

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