Our Model

Our unique advantage in the market is the ability to provide you with custom underwriting expertise and offer innovative solutions when other lines carriers decline coverage. We do not base success on being a program insurance company. We do not interfere with your current markets. We succeed by assisting you when a risk is found less desirable by other carriers or non-renewed due to adverse claims, loss history, or other unique circumstances. By staffing skilled underwriters with decades of experience and a keen understanding of specialty risks, Prime has established a reputation as the market’s true solution for specialty risks.

Flexible Underwriting Solutions

Our goal is to provide highly customized insurance solutions for your specialty risks. We focus our underwriting efforts on non-standard insurance risks that cannot be readily placed with admitted insurance carriers by developing industry and line-specific underwriting, rate and risk management guidelines to provide a market.

Risk Management Partnership

Our approach to partnership provides significant advantages unmatched in the industry. We provide peace of mind and prevent costly claims down the road by offering solid risk management expertise, guidelines and recommendations for implementation. Prime ‘s risk managers are thorough, immersing themselves in each opportunity through on-site inspections, evaluation of current practices and emergency procedures.

Extraordinary Claims Results

Our in-house claims team is comprised of attorneys and industry experts with decades of experience in all aspects of the claim service process. We handle your clients’ claims fairly with clear communication and 24-hour assistance.

Chairman’s Report

I am pleased to report that 2019 was another successful year for Prime Insurance Company. We are experts in providing options for specialty risks that have been declined or non-renewed. We provide solutions that simply can’t be found anywhere else and the industry has responded by trusting us with many of their most difficult risks.


In 2019, our loss ratio was 51.2%, our expense ratio was 21.7%, for a combined ratio of 72.9%.


Building upon our experience in offering specialty coverage for property and casualty risks, we continue to develop new products and coverages for specialty insurance. We are pursuing commercial auto and other emerging markets and continue to be a stable market for our core business classes such as recreation, property, garage services, professional liability and more.

In June of 2012, Prime Property & Casualty Inc. (PPCI) was introduced to the marketplace as an admitted carrier accepting commercial auto risks in Illinois, Nevada, Florida, and New Jersey. We have applied and are waiting on approval in many more states as well. We customize solutions for new and start-up businesses, companies with claims or substandard MVR reports, bankruptcy and more. In addition, we’ve enhanced our processes by adding a mobile claims application.

We also introduced a new specialty program for lateral sewer lines protection and worked with municipalities to put a customized program together. It was a pioneering effort and success by the team to establish an insurance pool for protection and repair of lateral sewer lines.


The year 2019 was another successful year for Prime Insurance Company and its affiliates. As always, customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to playing a vital role in developing specialty insurance products and services while strengthening our relationships in an ever-changing industry. We look forward to the challenges and opportunities presented to us in 2020 and beyond.

Chairman and CEO
Prime Insurance Company