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Writing Hard-to-Place Risks

For almost 30 years, Prime Insurance has been a trusted partner with brokers, agents and producers to help them continually write more business by taking a new approach with hard-to-place liability coverage.

Flexible underwriting, risk management partnerships, and policies constructed entirely new when a new liability opportunity presents itself, are just some of the things we excel at. When other markets are unable to offer the coverage your customers require, we leverage years of industry experience to cover the most difficult liabilities and quickly architect a new policy that fits your customers’ unique liability risks.

This doesn’t mean that we want to replace your current markets. We don’t. Rather, we want to write the risks your current markets can’t or won’t write because they are too “risky”.

We can proudly say that we are professionals when it comes to writing hard-to-place risks. We know that you can count on us. Call us at 877.257.5590 to learn more.


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