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World Cancer Day

It’s an honor for Prime Insurance Company to acknowledge World Cancer Day February 4, 2014. I’ll take a page out of my personal life as an effort to raise awareness and express some of the fears and other emotions that occur when you, a family member or friend is face to face with a cancer diagnosis. My husband, affectionately known as the the old retired guy, is full of vigor, vitality and is completely enamored with the game of golf. So much to his delight as a retired guy he and his cronies get to play so often and have always golfed in weekend tournaments, or as often as they could. One day while out on the golf course, he noticed some spots on his hand that weren’t there the day before and became concerned when another person noticed his hand as well. He made an appointment with the dermatologist who told him he was more concerned about the lesion on his back and proceeded to remove a mole in the middle of his back which had been there for years. The biopsy confirmed it was melanoma. Fortunately for us, the melanoma was removed and all margins are clear. After a few weeks the doctor found 3 more lesions which were diagnosed basal cell carcinoma which were surgically removed. As of now all margins are clear and he is cancer free.

It was a terrifying time and without the support of family, friends, co-workers and a wealth of knowledge on the internet, we would have been left in the dark as to what to expect from these procedures and
how to understand the diagnoses and treatments. In addition the inspiring stories of endurance and survival made all the difference.

I am proud to work for a company who recognizes that most people want to do something to help. We attend over 40 trade and conference shows throughout the year and recently we started a campaign to donate $5 to the American Cancer Society for every business card we receive. Many business associates and contacts stop by to chat with us about the products and services we offer and we thought it would be a great way to thank them for their interest in us by making a donation on their behalf.

Let’s all work together to promote awareness and support of World Cancer Day.

Hopefully, with faith and support we’ll live in a world that one day will be cancer free.

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