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Versatile Specialty Insurance

We’ve been writing such exciting risks for so many years, it’s hard to keep an inventory of all the fun events that we have covered. Some of the most extraordinary adventure companies have asked us to write their liability insurance. We’ve maintained relationships with some of the largest outfitters and guides in categories such as helicopter skiing, mountain climbing, fly fishing, river rafting and expeditions, hummer and ATV tours, horse back tours, desert adventure tours, snowmobiles, amusements, jump houses and so much more.

We’ve been writing the most difficult risks for decades and have developed a reputation to be the go to guys for the hardest risks in the marketplace. We keep pushing the envelope, every day we get a different type of request and instead of scratching our heads – we put our heads together to find out the risk and set the price for coverage. Give us a call to learn how we can help with your unique situation today.

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