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Specialty Liability Insurance Coverage

The new year is upon us and more and we’re starting to see changes in the marketplace that indicate a change in what classes will be considered a specialty risk in the near future. Prime Insurance Company has experienced these cycles and swings for over 30 years and continues to provide a stable marketplace or very hard to place risks. Prime offers a partnership approach to brokers and agents across the country and works to provide the most suitable coverage for each risk. Simply put, Prime offers solutions and options that can’t be found anyplace else.

We provide a stable market and knowledgeable underwriters who jump into action to access a risk. Prime is a market like no other and you’ll be surprised that instead of kicking a difficult risk to the curb, you’ll have new options for success. I’m always excited to talk or meet people who have challenges in the industry so please feel free to contact me and find out how
we do it. More importantly, how we can help you write more hard to place business.

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