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Prime Insurance Company Golf Sponsorship

Prime Insurance Company – Golf Sponsorship in May

Prime Insurance Company – Golf Sponsorship in May

PIA OR/ID Conference & Trade Show

Throughout the year, Prime Insurance Company likes to get out and about and attend many of the renowned trade shows, expos, and events. We feel it’s a great way to meet potential clients, insurance agents, and industry professionals and have an informal chat about our unique and extensive product offering.

One of the events we’re really excited about is the PIA OR/ID Conference & Trade Show. It’s being held on Tuesday, May 7th until Thursday, May 9th at the Salishan Spa & Golf Resort, Gleneden Beach.

This three-day event promises a well thought out and knowledgeable program designed to give industry professionals the tools to plan for the future. There will be a lot of experience and expertise in attendance, so it’s a great place to network while soaking up all that knowledge.

In addition to the speakers and sessions, the event is hosting the PIA of OR/ID Dave Iwata Memorial Golf Tournament which is bound to be a popular and exciting event. The tournament is being held on the Salisha Golf Course which is surrounded by the Oregon coastal forest and waters of Siletz Bay and offers spectacular views of the pond as well as the bay.

Prime Insurance Company Golf Sponsorship

Prime is thrilled to offer sponsorship for a golf outing on this challenging and stunning course, and there are some truly fabulous prizes on offer which should tempt most people into entering.

When is it?

The tournament takes place on May 5th.

How to enroll

Come and visit us at booth 13 during the event to find out how we can help you write more business as well as sign up for the golf outing.

What are the details?

Prime Insurance will sponsor four, Par Three golf holes during the tournament. One of the Par Three golf holes will have the grand prize designated to it. The first person to get a hole-in-one for it will win and be can choose the following fantastic prizes on offer from either 2a or 2b.


  • Park City winter or summer adventure
  • Four, first-class airline tickets in the continental US all ground transportation in Utah
  • Deluxe double occupancy accommodation for four nights
  • Three days of adventures
  • Most meals


  • Lake Powell Houseboat Adventure
  • Four, first-class airline tickets to Flagstaff in the continental US all ground transportation in AZ, NV, UT
  • Deluxe houseboat accommodation for four nights
  • Five days ski, boat, lake cruises and hikes
  • Gourmet meals

Prime Insurance will pay for the first four holes-in-one. Also, for every successful hole-in-one on the grand prize hole, we will give $2,500 to the PIA of OR/ID organization for promotion.

For the remaining Par Three holes, those participating could win up to $700 in prizes if they get a qualifying hole-in-one.

Prize conditions

  • You cannot substitute prizes for cash
  • Prizes are subject to availability and certain dates
  • Early booking is essential and at least 45 days in advance
  • Trip must be for four people
  • Airline tickets are from major airports in continental states only
  • Valid until March 15, 2020

Tournament rules

  • No mulligans
  • To be eligible to win, registration 72 hours in advance is required
  • Paid golf teachers, paid coaches or paid players are not eligible
  • Golf holes minimum distance must be 150 yards for males and 135 yards for females
  • You must be aged 18 or over to enter.

We’re confident the tournament is going to be extremely popular so make sure you come and find us at booth 13 to sign up as early as possible. Don’t risk missing the chance to participate by getting there too late.

Tips For Getting a Hole-In-One

Hole-in-ones are challenging but not impossible! We can’t help you win, but we are happy to give some pointers to set you up for success!

Keep your eyes on the prize and follow these top tips for getting a hole in one:

  • Play with confidence. Relish the challenge and strike with aggression!
  • Square yourself towards the hole. You’re aiming directly for it – not to the left or right.
  • Aim high and long. Aiming short with the hope of bouncing it onto the green is a sure-fire way to fail.
  • Take a full swing. The shot needs to be strong and aggressive.
  • Practice beforehand. Dust of those clubs and get yourself to a driving range to work on your long shot.

There are approximately 450 million rounds of golf played in the US each year and a hole-in-one is scored once every 3500 rounds! Since the odds of scoring a hole in one are 1:3500, make sure you bring your A-game!

We’re Looking Forward to Meeting You

If you have any questions about the tournament or wish to talk to someone from of our team about our range of insurance products and how you can write more business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at 801-304-5500 or by emailing info@primeis.com

We’re really looking forward to this event being one of the biggest and best in the calendar for 2019. It promises to be a really informative few days as well as lots of fun – especially for those competitive types.

Attending the PIA of OR/ID Conference and Trade Show will help us make people aware of our products and services. We always look forward to helping people understand all we offer. We’re the specialists in providing cover for those that have difficulty getting insured or for those that have previously been declined. Our unique offering allows insurance producers to give their clients exactly the protection they need through our customized service.

We can’t wait to meet you, chat about our company and of course, sign you up for this fantastic tournament! Best of luck and see you on the green!

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