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Legal Cannabis Insurance: Does Your Client Need Inland Marine Coverage?

Medical marijuana business plans are beginning to strengthen and diversify into separate sectors as legalization increases and businesses begin to set down roots. However, these businesses have and will continue to have for the foreseeable future, unique risks and dangers through the growth, transportation, and distribution of marijuana products. Whether your clients are cannabis ancillaries, wholesalers, processors or extractors, or have a medical marijuana dispensary, there are different elements of insurance coverage that every legal marijuana business needs and that not every insurance plan can adequately cover on their own. One of those areas is inland marine insurance coverage.

What is inland marine insurance coverage?

Inland marine insurance covers cargo while it is being transported over land. This cargo can include not only marijuana products but additional materials and equipment that are used during the transportation process. This element of insurance also covers the products and additional cargo if they are being warehoused by a third party temporarily. Loss can occur none only through collision but also through cargo theft; having excess insurance coverage in the eventuality of cargo loss during transportation can help keep your client on their feet, especially due to the expense and value of marijuana in the current market.

Does your client need this to adequately insure their business?

Not every company in the marijuana business needs inland marine insurance; they only need this coverage if they are involved in the transportation of goods. As a general list, these clients include cannabis growers, wholesalers (who may also need additional cargo insurance), and ancillaries involved in delivery services.


If you’d like to learn more about why Prime Insurance Company is a preferred provider of excess insurance for legal marijuana businesses, please contact us here. We’re happy to help you find the right elements of coverage for your client’s business’s array of services, coverage requirements, and insurance concerns.

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