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Final Stop! The Market of Last Resort

At Prime Insurance Company, we do not compete with other markets. That is because our market is the assortment of risk that has been declined, rejected, cancelled, non-renewed or otherwise unable to obtain insurance. It is this diverse collection of unconventional or nontraditional risks, risks with unique or extreme exposures and Insureds with adverse claims histories that Prime Insurance Company specializes in covering.

Prime Insurance Company allows brokers and agents to write more businesses by providing a specialty market for very hard to place risks and business they are passing up. As an insurance carrier, we also provide insurance solutions directly to individuals and businesses who have been unable to obtain coverage anywhere else on market.

By not competing with other markets and instead focusing on expanding the ability to write more business at the margins, Prime Insurance Company is well positioned to be a valuable resource for many professionals throughout the insurance industry. For Insureds having tremendous difficulty obtaining necessary coverage, Prime Insurance Company can be a lifeline. Although we are not focused on price points, we are committed to good partnerships and insurance solutions.

When the risk has reached “the end of the line” it should arrive at Prime Insurance Company. We are truly a market of last resort.

Rick J. Lindsey

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