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Driven to Protect Car Dealers

As a car dealer, you love putting customers into new or used cars at a great price. Let’s face it, there’s no greater satisfaction than closing a deal. But what about the risks of owning or running a dealership?

A customer takes a car out for a test drive and hits another car. A salesman clips another car in your lot. A customer’s car is stolen while on your premises. Your inventory gets damaged during a flood or hurricane. How about a simple slip and fall on your property? Case in point: a customer in a New York dealership sued the dealer for $50,000 when she slipped on a carpet that was drenched with water.  Can you afford the financial damage of a lawsuit?

How, then, do you protect yourself — and your business — from financial ruin? Specialty liability insurance from Prime Insurance Company, Inc. is your best protection against litigation. Specialty liability insurance goes well beyond general liability insurance to cover the more difficult or unusual risks that car dealerships face.

Prime Insurance is a leading insurer for clients that carry unusually high risk. Prime follows a bold business model that has inspired 30 years of success and growth. We provide fast, flexible underwriting and a partnership approach to specialty liability, professional, property and casualty insurance coverage. Our proven approach to underwriting, risk management, and claims makes Prime one of the most recognizable, memorable and preferred carriers of specialty insurance.

Prime can help you rest easy with Dealers Open Lot Insurance, which covers any physical damage to your vehicles; Garage Liability for claims of bodily injury and property damage; and Garage Keepers Legal Liability, which protects your customer’s vehicle while it’s at your place of business for service.

Prime Insurance Company is driven to protect car dealerships, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. For more information, contact us.

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